Friday Hoyden: Miriam Margolyes

“I am rather an opinionated person I suppose,” Nothing I could write could do justice to Margolyes the way this transcript from the interview she did on Enough Rope does, although the simple transcript doesn’t give you the sense of… Read More ›

Review: Exit The King

I was fortunate enough to step into a seat for the sold-out season of this play when my Belvoir St Theatre-subscribing friend C’s friend C was too ill to make it. How lucky was I? Geoffrey Rush on stage in… Read More ›

Vale F.U.

Ian Richardson has died, at 72. I saw him on stage a few years ago with various other Sirs and a Dame in that show about British Royals: his diction was so fabulously pure I swear he articulated the apostrophes.

Unseemly Squeal of the day (extra)

My darling got me tickets to The Boy From Oz!

For any particular reason, dear reader?

Only for my (addendum) birthday, for which I have decided to photoshop a fantasy cake: (This text added to entice all the feed-readers who obviously were not fascinated enough by musical theatre references to drop on by yesterday. Sniff.).

The Cake From Oz

Ruminating Erudition (swoon)

Brand spanking new group blog Sarsaparilla, writing about literature, media and culture from Aussie points of view, with contributors who are some of my favourite Ozbloggers. I love this idea – bless the good blog Sarsaparilla and all who sail… Read More ›