Unseemly Squeal of the day (extra)

My darling got me tickets to The Boy From Oz!

For any particular reason, dear reader?

Only for my (addendum) birthday, for which I have decided to photoshop a fantasy cake: (This text added to entice all the feed-readers who obviously were not fascinated enough by musical theatre references to drop on by yesterday. Sniff.).

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  1. Happy Birthday Tigtog! Have fun.

  2. Thanks, Morgan. I don’t get to go for another three and a bit weeks, but I’ll just shiver with anticip
    ation in the meantime.
    Hmm. I wonder if Hugh’s thought about doing Frankenfurter any time soon?

  3. YIKES!
    Jesus, you don’t have to scare me, with that virtual-reality Hugh Jackman! (If it had been a virtual-reality Emma Peel, on the other hand …)
    Anyway, happy birthday and all that *exits stage left, muttering to himself*

  4. Happy Birthday tigtog! A beer in your honour tonight.

  5. Thankee muchly, TimT and Shaun. I returned home a short while ago after eating Skippy Steaks and grilled calamari which was very very yummo.
    I’m now enjoying a 1942-Solera sherry, which is smooth raisiny delight, and am more than a little squiffy. On to the Glenfarclas! (and my birthday DVDs)

  6. Dearie Dearie me. mr tog just looked at my virtual cake and said “Who’s that? The new Dr Who?” whereupon I discovered that the only Huge Ackman musical spectacular marketing he has seen involves high kicks in gold leather trousers.
    So this gives me a chance to see whether as blog owner I can put an image in comments.

    Honestly, how could one confuse the wry eyebrow with the hearty guffaw? Just as well he’s got good legs.

  7. Yay, the [img] tag worked!
    And of course, I mean mr tog’s legs, not any other himbos who may or may not look good leaping out of cakes.

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope the cake tastes nice…

  9. Happy birthday, last as usual! Hope the hangover isn’t too bad.

  10. Thanks J and Helen- it’s only the usual cheap grog that gives me hangovers! I found that the next morning I was a bit dehydrated but that was it – no headache or other hangover ickiness.If only I could afford to drink the really really good booze all the time.

  11. Hahah!

    Yes, I much prefer the David Tennant cake!

  12. It seems we both have a touch of the DT’s, Miss Wired. ’tis a terrible affliction, but we must bear our sufferings with calm acceptance just so long as 7:30 Saturday keeps on rolling around (and then there’s always DVDs – hurrah.)

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