Vale F.U.

Ian Richardson has died, at 72.

Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhart
“You might well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment”

I saw him on stage a few years ago with various other Sirs and a Dame in that show about British Royals: his diction was so fabulously pure I swear he articulated the apostrophes.

Apparently he was in good health, and planning to film an episode of Midsomer Murders in the next few weeks. He died in his sleep. There are worse things than happily producing work throughout one’s final years then dying peacefully.

In honour of his seminal role: favourite Machiavellian manipulations, in drama or history. Hit me!

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2 replies

  1. That bastard Vetinari and his intent listening fu.
    I’ll hoist a dram of good malt Scotch for FU tonight.

  2. Aha – another Pratchett fan. He’s definitely a man who understands underhanded manipulations, that one.
    Historical pawn-pushing: Elizabeth Tudor’s minister who repeatedly dangled plots in front of the imprisoned Mary Stuart until she finally signed something damning was a sly old bastard.

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