star trek

Sudden fansquee Sunday

Realising that True Blood‘s maenad Maryann Forrester and Star Trek: Next Generation‘s Ensign Ro were both played by the same actor, Michelle Forbes. Plus…

Diplomacy, Kid-Style

We were planning to start watching some Star Trek. Lad: Do they have laser guns? Me: Let me think. Yes, they do have laser guns of some sort. Blasters, I think they call them. And they’ve got communicator devices, and… Read More ›

SF Sunday: success by stealth?

The best rant on io9 this week: If geek stuff is so hip, then why are two of the season’s biggest scifi hits, CBS show Eleventh Hour and bestselling Neal Stephenson novel Anathem, adamantly classified as Not Scifi? Because nerd… Read More ›

“For want of a transporter”

Despite several attempts, the cremated remains of actor James Doohan (Scotty in Star Trek) have not yet made it out into space.

While the family understands that being on the cutting edge of technology can mean that things often do not go as planned, they’re not finding this easy. His son Ehrich writes:

Gratuitous Eric Bana blogging

Our Eric is going to play ‘enery the Eighth, he is! Did everyone else know already? After my complaints that Jonathon Rhys Meyers really wasn’t beefy enough for my history pedant taste in The Tudors, I think Eric will be… Read More ›