When nerdiverses collide

Cue your fansquee, SF telly geeks.

Someone drew this:

A graphic saying YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST DOCTOR! with a picture of the TARDIS wearing a long striped scarf and a striped Dr Suess Cat in the Hat style hat.

You Never Forget Your First Doctor!

Robert Picardo wore this:

Actor Robert Picardo (who played the holo-doctor on Star Trek Voyager) opens his leather jacket to display his Doctor Who t-shirt showing the TARDIS and captioned YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST DOCTOR

You Never Forget Your First Doctor


And this:

Actor Robert Picardo wearing a TRUST ME I'M THE DOCTOR t-shirt (Eleventh Doctor version)



Robert Picardo and Chris Barrie did this:

Chris Barrie and Robert Picardo holding signed promo pics of each other as their holographic character.  The photo of Robert Picardo has had a very obvious H added to its forehead.

Holograms crossing: Chris Barrie (Rimmer) from Red Dwarf and Robert Picardo (Holographic Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager).

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2 replies

  1. Awww, I ❤ Robert Picardo! The look on his face and his stance in the second photo is supercute.

  2. Supercute, exactly.
    @sirpatstew is being awesome in a heartfelt way rather than a supercute way in this video, where he answers a fan’s question about his activism against violence against women.
    Heather Skye, who asked the question, wrote about it on her tumblr.

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