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Our Eric is going to play ‘enery the Eighth, he is! Did everyone else know already? After my complaints that Jonathon Rhys Meyers really wasn’t beefy enough for my history pedant taste in The Tudors, I think Eric will be much more suitable in The Other Boleyn Girl. I’ll be interested to see how the film compares to the excellent 2003 British miniseries. Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn should also be wonderful, as she does top-notch work whenever she’s not being stifled by George Lucas. Scarlett Johanson as Mary Boleyn will no doubt be worth watching as well, although she’s not a particular favourite of mine. And it has my favourite-name-ever actor, young Benedict Cumberpatch, as the chap who got to marry the King’s castoff mistress Mary.

For a second sqeeee!, Bana’s also going to play the villain in the upcoming Star Trek movie, which is attempting to follow the same route as the successful latest Bond and Batman flicks by showing us the beginning of the characters’ adventures.

Unfortunately, apart from these few shots at IMDB there aren’t many pictures on the web yet of our Eric in sumptuous silks and velvets (or the rumoured Romulan ears), but since when has that stopped some gratuitous photoblogging?

Eric and Orlando were of course the best boys in Troy:

Though I think Bana’s Hector was the standout:

Oh alright, you’ve scrolled down this far. Here you go:

P.S. Do you think it would be terribly difficult to kick Gisele Bundchen off this bike?

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  1. Eric Bana’s father in law gets to open parliament too, it sounds like a joke out of another Simpsons Down Under episode.
    Amanda’s last blog post..The Wire, Mon Amour

  2. I hadn’t caught up on that bit of trivia. Ta.

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