Whoydensday: movie speculation

I suppose the rumours had to start. From GallifreyOne:

Doctor Who has been named the show that people would most like to see adapted for the cinema.

A Radio Times online poll in July and August saw some 2,300 readers take part, and they put the revamped series top of their movie hopes. Torchwood came ninth.

A breakdown of the figures isn’t revealed but Friends came second, Red Dwarf third, Heroes fourth, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation fifth, Spooks sixth, 24 seventh, Lost eighth and The Prisoner tenth.

Star Trek was voted the show that had made the most successful move to the silver screen, and Helen Hackworthy, the editor of radiotimes.com, said: “While Trekkers have had a number of big-screen delights, Who fans are hoping that the success of the new incarnation of Doctor Who will see it make the jump to a cinema near them.”

Incoming EP Steven Moffat, while not putting the kybosh on the idea of a movie entirely (“so long as it never gets in the way of the show”) said “it’s already been in the cinema, with Peter Cushing”. (Was the Paul McGann movie only made for television?)

I’m generally enjoying the series as written for TV so much that I think I’d rather one of the others on the Top 10 list got turned into a movie (not Friends though). Red Dwarf could be a lot of fun, and I love it that the Brits still have sufficient affection for The Prisoner to vote it in at 10th place.

N.B. We discussed the Library two-parter with River Song last week – so if anyone has more to add now that the second episode has screened here in Oz it might be best to keep that discussion all on one thread.

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  1. The problem with DW is that its original format is far more conducive to the cinematic form than the format it’s in now–the stand-alone four act serial would be a lot easier to bring to the big screen than the current single/two-part combined with the refs to a series-long story arc.
    That said, my love for Trek is nothing to hide, and they took quite well to the screen. I’m just dubious, because it’s so dicey a task to convert, and I’d want to see something worthy instead of half-assed crap.
    I would do very bad things to direct David Tennant, though, and to give the TARDIS a big budget to show off interiors.

  2. And tigtog: yeah, the McGann was made for FOX television here in the US, iirc. It was definitely made-for-TV, though, never a cinematic release.

  3. I don’t know how well DW could be adapted. The entire idea of DW suits chaotic fourty minute episodes better than a movie. I’m sure they could make it good, but my reaction would be “What’s the point?”
    Though if they could have both Martha and Donna then it would be awesome!

  4. I’m not that fussed about having a Doctor Who movie either. I mean, the Christmas specials are sometimes and hour and a half anyway, and the season finale episodes usually operate on a pretty grand scale. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind watching regular episodes in a cinema with surround sound and all of that goodness. When I went to see The Dark Knight, there was a trailer for Voyage of the Damned on DVD, and that was brilliant (better than the movie IMO).

  5. Ooh, a marathon of a whole season in a proper cinema. What fun that would be.

  6. Beppie: and I’d say that a lot of the new school eps are filmed with a very cinematic consciousness, which is great. I wish they’d had that trailer here instead of a bunch of other things.

  7. Eh, I also think “what’s the point?”
    Also, when you’ve got the idea of a cinematic release, you’ve also got a big budget, and that means a wide range of stakeholders than the usual in telly, and that means danger of lowest common denominatoring/diluting. Getting rid of some of the edgier stuff which is notable about the show.
    Also, I reckon that movies encourage THE biggest, THE loudest, THE most in your face one can come up with, and although New Who’s quite a lot of that already, it’s also full of quirky, subtle, grey-area stuff which might not be so great on the big screen. I guess if you loved Voyage of the Damned, then a movie format would seem awesome, but I didn’t, I think it sucked.

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