Comedy this weekend?

I’m going out to see shows on Saturday night and Sunday arvo. The Sunday arvo shows were the ones I recommended earlier, but if anyone’s up for a Saturday night show you’re more than welcome to join me.

Autumn Hoyden Drinkies

So, Sydney Hoydenizens — how do you like the idea of meeting up for lunch and an afternoon of drinkies on Sunday, March 29th? Just putting out some feelers at this stage, to see how well that date works for… Read More ›

It’s not “sex”, it’s rape.

it's not sex, it's rape

And today’s doucheplonker of FAIL award goes to… this Sydney Morning Herald reporter, who managed to write this entire article without once mentioning the word “rape” or “assault”. Instead, she repeatedly labelled these violent gang rapes “sex”.

Friday Saturday Hoyden: Caroline Chisholm

This fairly blunt profile of Caroline Chisholm presents her as an impressive but uncomfortable woman due to her uncompromising standards, and came as a bit of an eye-opener to me in terms of sanitised school history: the fact that the young immigrant underclass women that she was training had been lured to the Australian colonies where they were left to fend for themselves and would have no options other than prostitution or crime to earn a living was very heavily glossed over