Comedy this weekend?

As discussed a few weeks ago, who’s up for a night out? Or an evening? The Sydney Comedy Festival closes this weekend.

I’m going out to see shows on Saturday night and Sunday arvo. The Sunday arvo shows were the ones I recommended earlier, but if anyone’s up for a Saturday night show you’re more than welcome to join me.

My plans are as follows:
Saturday: 6pm Jacques Barrett, Export Quality; 7:30pm Il Davo; (break for supper); Impro3Shuffle 10:30pm
Sunday arvo: Pulp returns! 4pm; Soapy Women 5pm

I’m happy to see any of you for a single show or for the whole evening. You could go and see another show which appeals to you more than my selections and just meet me for a chat over a drink. Just let me know.

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  1. I’d like to come to one or both of the Sunday afternoon shows. How long is Soapy Women? I will need to leave by 6:30 or so to get to a Eurovision party.

  2. Soapy Women goes for an hour, so you should get away for Eurovision nicely!

  3. Great! If anyone’s up to meet for a coffee or drink before Pulp returns! I’d be up for that too.

  4. I was thinking about that as well – we could even go a late lunch at the Warren View, starting 2pm or even 1:30, giving us plenty of time for skylarking before we stagger down the hill to The Factory Theatre.

  5. Ah, I was just about to find a spot to make a recommendation! I just got back (yes, my twibe, you can send disapproving looks at me through the ether, because I ought not to be out and about, but free tix!) from seeing Felicity Ward in ‘I was Ugly as a Child’. It was fabulous; I really recommend it to anyone who’s been thinking about seeing something in the Festival. She’s quick, and funny and silly, and affectionate throughout it all; but she’s also sharp, particularly about her childhood and adolescence spent on the Central Coast. The final show is tomorrow night; details here:
    Sadly I can’t make it to any other comedy, but I hope everyone who’s heading out finds some funny…

  6. Ah yes, I saw her down in Melbourne. She is delightfully demented, and very very sharp.

  7. Ohhh I LOVE her, especially when she ‘does’ Woy Woy speak (having spent adolescence there I can laugh).

  8. @ fuckpoliteness:
    You could always come down and catch her while I catch Il Davo, FP – and then we could meet for drinkies afterwards…?

  9. Is that tonight Tigtog? I’d LOVE to, but sadly my spine is doing nasty things to my whole body and I’ve spent the last week (weeks?) in horrible pain though still turning up to work. Today am leaving the house to take miniFP camp-gear shopping, and then I am coming home and hiding from the world for the weekend. If it’s a later weekend I might be able to swing it.

  10. It is tonight. I’ve been lax in commenting on your bodily woes over at your blog – very sad to hear that they’re still playing you up. Bastard spines.

  11. Yeah, bastard spines indeed. Oh well. Booked in to see physio people at the hospital on Wed. Enjoy tonight.

  12. I can do lunch or similar tomorrow, just let me know tonight: it’s a ways to come so I need notice to get out of the house. Anyone else coming?

  13. @ Mary:
    Looks like it’s just you and me at the moment, Mary. A late lunch from 2pm sound alright?

  14. Oh, damn, I missed this. That’s what happens when you have an internet free weekend, I guess 😦
    On a similar note: the Sydney Writers’ Festival is on over this coming week. Apologies, tigtog, for hijacking this thread, but I thought it might be more targeted than a post over at my blog. There are heaps of free events, and I’m planning on hanging out down at the Walsh Bay precinct for most of next Saturday 23 May (possibly 10ish to 4-5ish) and just going to free events. There are enough on that I want to go to that I think I can easily fill the day (more than enough, in fact) – there are also a few ticketed events that I would be willing to pay for EXCEPT that the free events are almost as cool anyway, so I will probably only go to something that’s ticketed if it REALLY grabs me on the day and I can get a ticket more or less at the door.
    Anyway, if anyone wants to join me, let me know and I’ll get my mobile number and/or email address to you (as for how, will figure that out when and if 🙂 ).

  15. @ Jo Tamar:
    Hijack away, Jo! Sorry you missed the night. Mary and I had fun.

  16. We did! Thanks tigtog. I enjoyed both shows, I will have to make a point of getting out to more comedy. Or… just getting out more.
    Hopefully see other Sydney Hoydens at some future meetup.

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