Answering hand-waving with hand-waving: Donnelly, rape, and Lady Gaga

Both tigtog and I have little more than an eyeroll in response to Harradine-mentored Catholic-right NSW Labor MP Greg Donnelly’s remarks in Parliament.

While Parliament tried to debate a motion about International Women’s Day, Mr Donnelly chose to take the floor and rabbit on for quite a while about how rape was actually women’s fault. Novel, I know. He raved about how Beyonce and Lady Gaga are causing rape by their negligent bikini-wearin’ and potty mouthin’, so it’s no wonder boys think it’s their right to ask for oral sex and anal sex and push girls up against a wall and rape them. (Because these are all equal Abominations unto the Lord, or something.)

On a roll, he decided to have a little rant about “rainbow parties”:

“Many rainbow parties will be held all over Sydney this weekend. Do members know what a rainbow party is? For those who do not know, at a rainbow party the girls wear different coloured lipstick and at the end of the night they generally give the boys head jobs—”

O rly, Mr Donnelly? There will be many of these parties all over Sydney this weekend?

Name one.

I’ll wait.

Since Donnelly is perfectly happy to work in a mode which utterly confuses correlation and causation and avoids any semblance of rational rigour, I’ll mischievously answer him in much the same mode. But with more facts.

First, we look at the incidence of rape over time. I only have figures for this from the USA, including both reported and unreported rapes, coerced and physically forced rape, and all genders.

DOJ rape figures graphed over time, showing  a substantial decline from 1973 to 2008

Then, we look at the prevalence of atheism over time. Information is from Gallup polls.

Gallup poll atheism figures over time, showing  a substantial increase from the 1940s to 2008

Then, by the Powers of Photoshop (well, Keynote), we put them together! Ta-daaa!

rape and atheism over time, graphs superimposed, showing rape decreasing as atheism increases

QED, Mr Donnelly. Q.E. fuckin’ D.

[p.s. If you wish to discuss Lady Gaga’s video in minute detail, please take it to one of the Feministe threads. Cheers.]

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8 replies

  1. In a day that has been filled with *headdesk* moments, this one really takes the cake. Graph is an absolute winner. Does anyone else wonder is rainbow parties are an urban myth? No because they actually read the links before commenting.
    I mean god forbid that any woman actually enjoys herself or something.

  2. Ah, now Donnelly-watching is something of an insider sport, unfortunately, L. Welcome to the club!
    He’s an embarrassment, obviously, but if you’re after sheer juvenile entertainment, nobody cusses in Hansard the way Donnelly does. Honestly, it’s almost as if he’s doing his best to read the worst and dirtiest language into the Parliamentary record as he can.
    If you don’t mind a loss of appetite, this one’s a particularly evocative description of someone who’s spent a good while looking at a jeans ad, this one’s a lower point still, and this one’s for my money his personal worst.

  3. Tigtog that link leads back to this page not to Donnelly’s inaugural speech

  4. Comedy gold. Statistics, we has them.
    .-= skepticlawyer´s last blog ..Welcoming ceremony =-.

  5. Anyway, my favourite part of his little rant was where he asserted that a majority of the concert audience for Gaga was going to consist of prepubescent girls, a figure which appears to be entirely pulled out of his arse. Just because one mum paid for tickets and took her 9yo without checking out a single video that might have made her go “hm” doesn’t mean that most parents are going to do the same. Just how many people do you think pay for their 9yo kids to go to live concerts any time, let alone this time?

  6. Somebody over on LJ made the point that Donnelly probably didn’t quite mean what he said when he was talking about young men asking for oral or anal sex.
    Personally, dude, I would love to live in a world where people felt comfortable about going to social gatherings and asking other people for sex. My God, they might even take no for an answer! [Obvious male-entitlement issues aside]

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