Autumn Hoyden Drinkies

So, Sydney Hoydenizens — how do you like the idea of meeting up for lunch and an afternoon of drinkies on Sunday, March 29th?

Just putting out some feelers at this stage, to see how well that date works for people, and to discuss potential venues. The Court House Hotel in Newtown was lovely last time, but apparently rain is likely towards the end of the month, and that would mean we’d have to avoid the beautiful beer garden and congregate in the cramped interior (but still, maybe it’s worth the risk). Another option is the nearby The Warren View in Enmore, which we used for our US election-watch meetup in November. I’m quite open to other suggestions, however, if anyone has any (though try to keep it central-ish).

(And yes, that is the Jägermeister from last time in the picture!)

UPDATE: I have made a booking for 12 people at The Warren View, March 29th, 12 noon. At the moment we’re booked in the beer garden, but we can be re-located if it rains. I have created an event on Facebook, for those of you who are on there. (Ignore the bit about it being a Bar night/Pub crawl — Facebook made me choose a category, and that was the closest thing they had.)

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  1. Sorry Beppie, I can’t do the 29th March. (However, I’ve got a really busy schedule and it’s not showing slowing signs of slowing. I’ll come to meetups when I can!)

  2. Erm I think that date should be okay.

  3. So far as I can tell from this distance, the 29th should be great 🙂 I would love to do a sydney hoydenizens meetup, as I missed the Xmas one. Thanks Beppie for your organisational pizzazz!

  4. Thanks Beppie for your organisational pizzazz
    See, I was going to respond to this by saying that I’m happy to have another form of procrastination, but that doesn’t actually work, becuase, in addition to organising this (or beginning to, anyway), I got a shitload of work done today. As in, proper thesis work.
    Therefore, I have decided that organising drinkies is absolutely necessary if I am to complete my thesis.
    (Anyway, carry on people…)

  5. I have two conflicting things already written in on my calendar for the 29th…neither of which I want to go to, so that’s a yes from me 🙂

  6. I’ll attend in spirit from overseas. 🙂
    Have one when I’m back in Canberra though and I might actually be able to make it!

  7. Well done, Beppie. lol, mimbles, I often find myself in that situation.

  8. Works perfectly for me 🙂

    I missed the others because I was just a lurker and felt weird. Would love to hang out with people and not worry about dealing with anti women /anti feminist comments.

  9. YAY JAEGERMEISTER! *does a zany dance from across the Tasman*

  10. I was just thinking of writing to suggest it was time for another round. Thanks for the mind-readiness. The 29th will do nicely.

  11. I’m there, at the Wazza or the Courthouse. Although I really like the Justice at the Courthouse.
    Ariane’s last blog post..Government will fix body image

  12. Count me in! Like a couple of others, I find it hard to be definite this far in advance, but that means I don’t think I’ve got anything else on that day. So I’ll put it in my diary and do my best to make sure that I *don’t* get anything else planned for that day.

  13. Yay! Glad the date seems to work for a lot of people (hopefully).

  14. Sounds pretty good to me – a way to gather some strength for the Easter family visit.
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..A quick gripe

  15. I’m a new lurker, but I’d be totallly up for a meet up.

  16. Sundays aren’t great for me, but I may be able to show up for a brief snack and a drink before work. Definitely prefer the Warren View, though… the food at the Courthouse is dreadfully veg-unfriendly.

  17. @hexy What? You want something *other* than a vegie burger? I don’t understand your problem. 🙂
    As pleasant as the garden is, often amongst the pub crowd I drink with the vegetarians seem to think that their right to eat outweighs the surrounds.
    Ariane’s last blog post..Government will fix body image

  18. Even the Courthouse’s vege burgers are sub-par. I’ll happily snack on the corn and chickpea burgers at the Townie, for example, because they’re delicious!
    hexy’s last blog post..The Angry Black Woman blows me away

  19. I’m actually also thinking that the Warren View is more disabled-friendly, from what I remember of the layout of both pubs — so if no one has any objections, I’ll probably go ahead an book us a table there sometime over the next day or so.
    Can anyone who goes there regularly tell me if they have umbrellas over the tables in their beer garden? I’d quite like to book us an outdoor table, but I don’t want to get caught out if it rains.

  20. There are dodgy umbrellas, but there is also an outdoor room thingy which could work if it rains. It would certainly be preferable to inside.
    In terms of access, there isn’t a way in that doesn’t involve steps (that I can think of), but it is one or two smallish ones via the back gate rather than the many precipitous ones at the Courthouse.
    All of this comes with the caveat that I haven’t been there for a few months and there has been a change of management (who canned the trivia I used to go to, hence the absence).

  21. Okay folks — I’ve made us a booking at The Warren View, for March 29th at 12 noon. I’ve booked us a table in the courtyard, but the man I spoke to said that he’d be happy to reaccomodate us if it’s raining.

  22. Fantastic! Thanks for stepping up for the organising on this one, Beppie.

  23. Anyone know anything about the parking situation at The Warren View? I’m not big on public transport in Sydney
    This of course also means no alcohol for me

  24. There is a car park diagonally opposite, which may have a 2 hour limit on it. It could also be fairly full, I don’t have much experience with it on a Sunday. You can also generally park on Enmore Rd on the Marrickville side of the intersection with Stanmore Rd. Again, not sure what the daytime time limits might be.
    The back streets of Enmore can be accommodating, but much more so on the railway line/Stanmore side of Enmore Rd than on the Newtown/St Peters side.
    Ariane’s last blog post..The unfinished spelling errors of Ben*

  25. Thanks for the reminder, Tigtog. I’ll be calling the pub on Monday to confirm our booking. Fortunately, rain looks somewhat less likely as the day draws closer, so hopefully we can all be out in the beer garden.

  26. Excellent – looking forward to catching up with you all.

  27. Okay folks, I just confirmed our booking at The Warren View (in the beer garden) this Sunday. And according to the SMH, it looks like we’re in for a mostly sunny day with tops of 26 degrees celcius — in short, what is generally described as perfect weather. 🙂

  28. I’d love to come meet some fellow feminists, but I’m a newbie lurker (and shy), and plus I will be overwhelmed as I am handing in my thesis next week… any other week and I would have held my fear in one hand and my courage in another, and come along to event. Definately next time though 😉

  29. I’m hoping to make it, but the gloom and flatness from my medication change kicked in with a vengeance today.
    hexy’s last blog post..Frendly neighbourhood spiderman.

  30. I hope you can make it too, Hexy.

    But if not, take care of yourself, okay? 🙂

  31. I’ve outsourced that task for the moment to people who are a little more capable. Fortunately, they’re doing a fine job. 🙂
    hexy’s last blog post..Frendly neighbourhood spiderman.

  32. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few hours! Will miss those of you who can’t make it.

  33. Got back about an hour ago but was too sleepy from the cider to blog! Lovely meetup, we had a great talk and startled at least a couple of the locals, I noticed. Very hoydenish!

  34. Much fun was had; it was great to meet you all in person! 🙂 And did we startle people? I was so involved in conversation I didn’t even notice!

  35. You certainly startled me, WP. (:P) It was lovely to meet you all!

  36. When we were all denouncing ironing, I noticed the bloke over by the fence and the two women he was with looking rather startled, yes. One of the women also looked wistful.

  37. I just saw this, which reminded me of some of our philosophical riffing (and nicely combines with the idea of buying T-shirts for people).

    They also have an Occam’s Razor shirt, which took me a little while to “get”, embarassingly.
    This one is really geeky:

  38. Eepa!! My son was off to Jamberoo for a kid’s party today. For once I had a weekend where I did not push myself too hard/try to squeeze too much in (though somehow I am *still* beyond sleepy!). So I got totally caught up and didn’t make it – bummed to have missed out this time, but glad to hear that Hoydenish fun was had, and I WANT that Existentialist t-shirt so bad!!! 🙂

  39. Had a lovely time this afternoon, thank you all for being great company and conversationalists 🙂 Ariane and I eventually headed for home a almost 9pm and I’m already looking forward to next time!
    mimbles’s last blog post..Want a gift from me?

  40. It really was a great afternoon. 🙂 Hopefully we can do it again in June/July.
    I didn’t notice anyone giving us funny looks yesterday, but when Chally and I met up for a coffee earlier in the week, there was a man sitting behind us in the cafe who gave us a startled look every time we said the word “lesbian” (in the conext of a discussion of I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space and other webcomics).

  41. Given the range of punters that frequent the Wazza, I’d be surprised if we startled too many people. Of course, the volume with which we were discussing ironing (or our lack thereof) may have surprised some people. 🙂
    Excellent afternoon though. I spent the whole time trying to be involved in all of the simultaneous conversations that were all fascinating.
    Thanks for organising it Beppie, and thanks to everyone else for providing such fantastic company. I’m definitely looking forward to the winter edition.

  42. Sounds like fun was had, sorry I had to miss it. Hope to catch you all at any Woolly Winter Warmup-type Hoydens event!

  43. Hey, Beppie – LESBIAN LESBIAN LESBIAN LESBIAN LESBIAN. LESBIAN. I so wish I’d seen his face.
    On that note, might I just add my thanks to you, Beppie, for organising, and that I did indeed whip out the iron when I came home, being a very bad feminist.


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