via Sylvia P, these, erm, C-string “undies”. Twenty nine euros apiece. Speculation abounds on Twitter about how they work – like 80s snap bracelets, we’re thinking, though there are other theories. Nezua suggest that they stay on adhered by pure… Read More ›

Genes for gender identity?

I find the implications of this research (Scientists find a gene for the transsexual experience) absolutely fascinating, but can also already see how it’s going to be spun by the evpsych pseudoscience brigade in their continual battle to tell women… Read More ›

A better future

My daughter found this on one of her fanfic communities, and mentioned it to me the other day. I’m rather excited by the notion that ideas like this are circulating amongst teens in what might appear to outsiders to be… Read More ›

Ask Auntie Hoyden

Don’t you just love How-people-found-us search term posts? As usual, I’ve ignored all the searches about rape, paedophilia, and pictures of fat naked women, which doesn’t leave a lot. Here are a few things people have googled this week to… Read More ›