Perth homophobes hyperventilate over Mayor’s call

lisascaffidiA couple of days ago, Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi opened the Pride festival with these words: “Gay, straight, who cares?”

She went on to talk about wishing to make Perth as gay-friendly as Sydney and San Francisco, and said that it’s about time people got over the issue of sexuality and embraced diversity and acceptance.

Pride patron Aram Hosie, partner of Senator Louise Pratt and a transman, spoke about the fact that transgender acceptance was lagging far behind gay acceptance.

And then, the homophobic shit hit the big rainbow fan.

Today’s West has some responses: “Gay vision for Perth wrong, say churches”. Oddly, the headline and lead paragraph omit the fact that our recycled Liberal Premier, presiding over the cobbled-up Not A Coalition, also put his two cents’ in.

Premier Colin Barnett said people should certainly not set out to make a name for Perth as a city for gay events.

“It’s not being pro or anti, I just don’t think it’s the future of Perth,” he said. “Perth is very much a family-friendly, nice, easygoing place.

Because gay people? Family-hostile! Nasty! Uptight! This is “not being pro or anti”, Barnett?

The churches’ responses were predictable: Margaret Court [1] of the Victory Life Church said that “Ms Scaffidi’s comments did not represent the majority of people or families with values,”[2]. This is unsurprising, as she has in the past pronounced, “God made man for woman to have babies”, and “Fornification (sic) is a sin of the flesh”, and believes that she can heal homosexuality.

The article also mentions that Catholic Archbishop Barry Hickey said that homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to “dominate”[3] the city, though they should have the right to associate with each other[4].

We’re living in a cesspit over here. Have Barnett and his mulchfodder sideckick Troy Buswell cut all funding to vaguely gay-related services yet? I’m sure it won’t be long.

[1] Yes, that Margaret Court
[2] Yay for my value-free family!
[3] There’s a crack in here somewhere, but I just can’t quite get to it.
[4] Good to know he doesn’t think they should be rounded up into camps or put on home arrest, I suppose.

[Image: Mayor Lisa Scaffidi, from PerthNow]

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7 replies

  1. [3] There’s a crack in here somewhere, but I just can’t quite get to it.

    Me neither, but I know it’s been waxed.

  2. this might be off topic but the lady in the photo looks like some scary wax doll of some sort. her expression seems almost painful.
    this also makes me glad that I live on the other side of the continent. having to put up with something like that in my local news my by neighbors? ergh…

  3. “though they should have the right to associate with each other” – what? send us to a seminary perhaps?

  4. On point 4, rounding them up and sending them to a camp would still mean homosexuals could ‘associate with each other’. And that rainbow triangle would brighten up those pyjamas wonderfully…

  5. …send us to a seminary perhaps?
    Q: Why is it called a Seminary?
    A: Because it’s full of w*nkers!

  6. Paul Murray joined the throng today.
    he doesn’t mind people being gay (not that there’s anything wrong in that), but he doesn’t like them standing in the street baring their arse
    he can talk:

  7. Oh, I just blogged on this too, and not nearly as well. Typical that I’m almost a week late.
    “Associate with each other”? Does he advocate a gay ghetto or something? Why is WA like this?

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