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Don’t you just love How-people-found-us search term posts? As usual, I’ve ignored all the searches about rape, paedophilia, and pictures of fat naked women, which doesn’t leave a lot. Here are a few things people have googled this week to find their way here to the Hoydenverse.

lame jokes
smug married women
candid beach blog
cheap labia surgery
non cheesy porn
bad things about charles perkins
How to be a bitch
pink world
most interesting marsupial
extravagant beards
chainmail porn
are disabled people worth it
sonic screwdriver
lolcat patriarchy
well, fancy that!
edible blooms
feminist shavery
kyle sandilands prat
segway attitude
feminism is wrong
moral of single mother in aus
creepy hunter metaphors
fashion cops
I can’t stand feminists

But not everyone was just idly noodling about on the ‘tubes. Quite a few googlers had something on their minds. I figure if one person asks a question, a hundred others were thinking it, so here are a few answers.

anal sex then normal sex is that ok

Assuming by “normal sex” you mean “penis-in-vagina”, please change the condom (and wash anything that needs washing, like your hands) before you switch! Rectal bacteria can cause serious vaginal or bladder infections if transferred to the vagina and urethral area. If you’ve smeared lube around (and if you’re having anal sex, I hope you have!), and especially if you’re prone to urinary tract infections, it could also be worth a quick front-to-back wet-wipe cleanup to make sure things are hygienic.

And stay aware of re-negotiating mutual, enthusiastic assert when changing sexual course. Agreement to one practice doesn’t constitute agreement to whatever else comes into your head along the way.

sex education geelong

Here’s the link for Family Planning Victoria: you can get all your in-person sex ed needs there. And contraception, and emergency contraception, and STI checks, and well women’s checks, and sexuality counselling, and unbiased unplanned pregnancy advice. I can’t see a Geelong clinic, but there’s one at Hoppers Crossing. If you need to talk to someone, call 03 9257 0100.

There is a fair bit of information on the FPV site, but if you’re looking for more, check out Scarleteen and Teenwire. If you want to ask a question, VaginaPagina.

why do breasts shrink after breastfeeding

I know you probably meant “after weaning”, but I’m going to answer your question both ways, as an excuse to post a really cool and interesting link.

So, the first answer: Because they’re no longer full of milk. Jacqueline Kent et al studied feeding volume, frequency, and fat content in cue-fed babies in their paper “Volume and Frequency of Breastfeedings and Fat Content of Breast Milk Throughout the Day”. ((Pediatrics. 2006 Mar;117(3):e387-95 ~lauredhel)) They found that on average, 76 grams of milk are removed from an individual breast during a feeding, and the numbers ranged as high as 240 g. Grams and ccs are pretty similar when you’re talking milk, and around 76 cc makes a distinct and palpable difference to the volume of a typical breast. There are lots of other interesting results of this work, including the finding that babies don’t progressively increase their 24-hourly milk intake between six weeks and six months of life.

The same research team has developed a neat no-touc computerised breast volume measurement system, inspired by the assessment of ore stockpiles by stereoscopic aerial photography. You can read about that in: “The Development of the Computerized Breast Measurement System” at Did you know that the storage capacity of any individual breast may be between 80 and 600 ml, but that storage capacity has no effect on the ability of a mother to feed a baby? As soon as the breast empties, the polypeptide dubbed “Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation” (FIL) levels drop, and the breast ramps up its production speed dramatically. Cue-fed babies will adjust their feeding frequency according to their mothers’ breasts’ storage capacity. In addition, the emptier the breast, the higher the fat content of the milk.

And on to the second answer: a lot of people think that breastfeeding will ultimately cause your breasts to sag or shrink. This is used as a reason to not breastfeed, or to wean early. Research presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting((“The Effect of Breastfeeding Upon Breast Aesthetics”, Brian D. Rinker, MD, Melissa D. Veneracion, and Catherine P. Walsh, October 28, 2007. ~lauredhel)) last year found that among women who had previously been pregnant and who were seeking cosmetic breast surgery: history of breastfeeding duration of breastfeeding, and number of children breastfed did not correlate in any way with sagging. (Or “breast ptosis”, as the plastic surgeons choose to label it.) What did correlate with breast sag? BMI, breast size, smoking, number of pregnancies, and age. The authors conclude:

“These findings support the assertion of pediatricians and lactation specialists that breastfeeding does not adversely affect breast shape, beyond the effects of pregnancy alone.”

This study wasn’t designed to assess change in breast volume. The study does have the rather obvious limitations of being retrospective and selecting only from women who were seeking cosmetic breast surgery in the first place. However, there’s not obvious conflict of interest there, and I think it is a useful bit of data in support of the idea that longer-term breast changes are related to pregnancy, time, and other factors, not to breastfeeding.

why do men look at porn?

The simple answer is “Because it gets them off”, but there are some more complex dynamics in there. Why are so many men attracted to a particular type of mainstream porn which demeans women, rejects or fetishises women of colour, and talks of sex purely in terms of possession, dominance and violence? The patriarchy socialises them into a view of sex encapsulated in the “I’d hit that!” exclamation; the attitude that “If I get my dick in you, you lose.”

If this alarms you – it should. I don’t for a second think that these attitudes are somehow compartmentalised into their porn-consumption activities.

Many porn users seem to studiously avoid any thoughts about how the people they’re watching are actual humans who may or may not be being exploited, mistreated, and abused, and they even more studiously avoid thoughts about their own complicity in that process. You might be wondering, “Can there be feminist porn?” For a bit of a pro-and-anti on that, check out this thread at Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog. For a few radical feminist viewpoints on the “anti” side, check out the Third Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution at The Burning Times (and her blogroll).

Not all men use porn. Making porn use a relationship dealbreaker is a perfectly acceptable position to take, if that’s what you wish.

can you see sebaceous glands on the labia minora

Not really, unless you get really, really close, perhaps with a good light and a hefty magnifying glass. They are there, though, on the opposed surfaces. The sebaceous glands on the labia majora tend to be much larger and easier to see. You can read plenty more about external genital anatomy – well, from the conventional viewpoint – here at Bartleby. For a more up-to-date discussion of the variants of women’s anatomy, check out

doctors cheat on the hippocratic oath through abortion

Nope, they don’t. You are right that the original Hippocratic Oath contained a pledge not to “give a woman a pessary to procure abortion”. It also contains pledges not to perform surgery, and the entire oath is taken to Apollo, Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea before all the gods.

Medical graduates today don’t take the Hippocratic oath. The Declaration of Geneva is one common oath, and it contains no content on abortion. Previously, it included “I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of its conception”, but this was changed to “from its beginning” in 1984 and deleted in 2005. Even taking an oath to respect human life “from conception” does not mean a physician must not perform abortion; a line earlier in the oath states “The health of my patient will be my first consideration”, and there is another line respecting human rights. Since the right to the actual person (the pregnant woman) to bodily autonomy trumps the “right” of any embryo to live in her uterus, there is no irresolvable conflict here.

When I graduated around 17 years ago, I swore this oath:

I solemnly promise to practise the art of Medicine with due care and with conduct becoming a physician. In the exercise of my profession I will ever have in mind the care of the sick and the well-being of the healthy. In the furtherance of these ends I will use all my knowledge and will strive to perfect my judgement. I will, furthermore, keep silence on any matters I may witness or hear in the course of my professional work which it would be improper for me to divulge.

Sensible as I am of my professional repsonsibility, I also promise, as a graduate in Medicine, that I will endeavour always to promote the welfare and maintain the reputation of the Faculty of Medicine in MyUniversity.

17 year old man wishing to be feminized

I don’t know where you are in the world – resources vary – but it sounds like you’re after some introductory information on being trans/queer. Here are a few starting points:

T-Vox: Trans 101
Scarleteen: “Genderpalooza! A Sex & Gender Primer”
Gendercrash: “Transgender & Gender Queer 101”
The F-Word: Trans 101
Transsexual Road Map
TS Women’s Web-Resources

There may well be a confidential counselling and information service for LGBT teenagers near you. If you’re in Australia, you can find your local services here: Gay and Lesbian Counselling and Community Services of Australia. If you’re in the USA, check out the GLBT National Youth Talkline. In the UK, check out the links at Press For Change. In Canada, Youthline can help.

[If anyone more familiar with these organisations can offer criticisms/additions, please comment.]

anal triangle dimension

Bounded anteriorly by an imaginary line connecting the ischial tuberosities and passing in front of the anus, posteriorly by the tip of the coccyx, and posterolaterally by the sacrotuberous ligaments overlapped by the gluteus maximus muscles, and apically by the levator ani muscle meeting the obturator fascia.

You can see a bony picture here, and a fleshy picture here.

You can see some discussion of bony pelvic dimensions here, but if you’re studying anatomy for any clinical purpose, you need to note now that pelvimetry is a crock. (Even though older textbooks might tell you otherwise.) The bony pelvis (the “passages”) will loosen significantly in pregnancy, will change quite dramatically depending on birthing posture, and a fetal head (the fetus is an active participant, not a “passenger”) can mould and rotate to negotiate the vast majority of pelvises.

where does breast milk come from in body

The glands in the breast. Here’s a diagram.


and a photo.


Nice guy tm feminist definition

My definition can be found here in my Antifeminist Bingo post. Nice Guys ™ are guys who argue somewhere along these lines:

  • Women say they prefer nice guys, not arseholes.
  • I’m a nice guy, I’m just shy and awkward.
  • But I’m not getting sex.
  • And I deserve sex, cos I’m nice.
  • Therefore, women are lying.

Tigtog defines Nice Guy ™ here at the FF101 Jargon File:

“Nice Guys™”: The “™” marks the difference between men who are genuinely nice people and men with entitlement issues who wail “but I’m a nice guy!”. There are two types, which often overlap in one individual:

1. A guy who believes that the simple act of being decent means that the universe owes him a girlfriend.[defn from Mickle][more from Jeff Fecke at Shakesville].

2. Men who are looking to date a woman with the appearance of a supermodel, and yet they continually whine about how “women don’t like nice guys – they only want good-looking assholes” [more at the NiceGuy archive at Heartless Bitches International].

princess make over

This is not the blog you’re searching for. But hey, stay and take a look around.

Where to find Hookers in Colorado Springs

Dude, meet hand. Hand, meet dude. It’s free, it’s willing, and it’s always there.

open source boob

No, they’re not.

If you’re interested in spying on other people’s search terms in a general search engine, check out Metaspy. It has filtered and unfiltered versions, though the filtering isn’t perfect.

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  1. I’m still boggled by some of the search engine traffic I get. There’s not much in the way of community service announcements I can make (apart from correcting the spelling of porn star names and telling the Marilyn Manson fans to bugger off). Oh, and the person who keeps Googling “naked [my home town]” needs to stop in the interests of my sanity…
    Chas Deans last blog post..Life – a brief snippet

  2. I think you need a link to your post on the Open Source Boob Project in this thread.
    Great questions, great answers.

  3. Fab fab fabulous. Yay.
    Brooklynites last blog post..I like the internet.

  4. Where to find Hookers in Colorado Springs
    How strange.
    Ls last blog post..On the occasion of my 10,000th hit

  5. I am almost certain I once googled “Lolcat patriarchy”. Don’t know if it brought me here though.:P Occasionally I purge my bookmarks because I am so disorganized and end up googling Hoyden about Town for the next 4 months. Occasionally something (ooohoooh) purges my bookmarks for me. Could be the cats!
    To the sebaceous gland person; sometimes sebaceous glands get a bit blocked. But you should still get checked out for genital warts.

  6. Ewww, I got “submissive women” the other day. Hope they were sadly disappointed.

  7. Ha, I think they were.

  8. Fabulous post.
    Bounded anteriorly by an imaginary line connecting the ischial tuberosities and passing in front of the anus, posteriorly by the tip of the coccyx, and posterolaterally by the sacrotuberous ligaments overlapped by the gluteus maximus muscles, and apically by the levator ani muscle meeting the obturator fascia.
    And in English that would be….?
    I’ve gotten some creepy search terms showing up, all because I wrote one post complaining about not being able to buy nice, little-girl, non-sexualised swimsuits for my girls. I just don’t want my single-digit aged daughters to look like 16-year olds who want to be 23.

  9. And in English that would be….?

    Ah, hence the pictures. Anatomy in words is near-impossible.

    I’ve gotten some creepy search terms showing up, all because I wrote one post complaining about not being able to buy nice, little-girl, non-sexualised swimsuits for my girls. I just don’t want my single-digit aged daughters to look like 16-year olds who want to be 23.

    Creepy search terms
    are creepy. And I think to myself that some of the search terms I use sometimes might come across as a bit creepy, like searching for info on a particular criminal case that I only vaguely remember, but then I look at the actual search terms our creeps are using, and… so not the same.
    Sports/school uniform type swimsuits, like Speedo? Or tankinis? Or Cancer Foundation gear? (We only get the rash shirts/board shorts for the Lad.) Wikipop has some nice looking basics.
    I get my swimsuits from Daneechi, which has a good range of simple gear including in larger sizes, and you can mix and match differently-sized separates. But I think their smallest size is a women’s eight.


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