via Sylvia P, these, erm, C-string “undies”.

Twenty nine euros apiece.

Speculation abounds on Twitter about how they work – like 80s snap bracelets, we’re thinking, though there are other theories. Nezua suggest that they stay on adhered by pure joy.

Google Translate to the rescue!

This string takes on the same principle serves as the header is a frame shape memory that makes the string held by himself. And held a comfortable feeling really apart. ATTEMPT TO QUICKLY

I think there’s something in that for all of us.


Danu Poyner has a guest post at Somebody Think of the Children, discussing the ABC National show on Australia’s proposed internet censorship plans: “Filter supporters talk, Australia listens”.


I touched on the dangers of emergency department overcrowding the other day. One of the dangers is violence toward staff.

The West reports that violent incidents at Royal Perth Hospital have increased by more than 350 percent in the past five years, with most of the increase being in the past year. There are 200 “incidents” a month now.

Mr Thair [RPH security head] said some incidents involved genuinely sick or confused patients who lashed out during treatment but most did not. Instead, his 27 staff were forced to break up disputes often arising in Northbridge and city pubs and clubs which spilt over into the emergency department or outside, fuelled by alcohol and drugs.

Weapons seized included axes, machetes, crowbars, chisels and screwdrivers.

Australian Medical Association emergency medicine spokesman Dave Mountain blamed much of the rising violence on patients’ frustration at having to wait too long for a bed as well as alcohol abuse and a dramatic increase in amphetamine abuse.

“We have good security staff but the real issue is about decongesting the emergency department,” he said.


Another medical sexual assault, another transgender person sexually assaulted. Will the horrifying abuse of women and transfolk by people in power never end? This perp is Sulieman Hamid. ABC News reports.

A doctor has been found guilty of committing an indecent act against a suicidal transsexual patient at Melbourne’s Western Hospital. […]

During his County Court trial, the jury heard Hamid assaulted his patient while treating her for slashing her wrists last year.

The Age continues:

Hamid’s lawyer Nick Papas said after the verdict his client would almost certainly never practise again.

“Almost”? *head-explode*


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  1. Wow.
    Leave that thing within reach of a kid with a bag of marbles and you’ll have someone’s eye out.

  2. I’m a bit frightened by the screaming “ATTEMPT TO “QUICKLY”. The whole thing seems entirely too frightening.

  3. Things my mum has been threatened with (she was an ICU nurse for about a million years, and now works in a superclinic:
    A gun
    A crowbar
    Plenty of screwdrivers
    A car (as in, driving through the doors of the clinic in a)
    Box cutters
    and syringes.
    Incidentally, she gets more stressed about the constant turnover of incompetent management.

  4. Ooh, and when I submit a comment, the page turns to tiny tiny writing. Firefox 3, and never happened before. And the firefox dictionary doesn’t recognise the word firefox? what?

  5. And now it’s fine. Maybe I just grew really really big for a second there.

  6. Maybe I just grew really really big for a second there.


  7. One – since son and I have been wandering the corridors in the Eye and Ear hospital, we’ve seen a shitload of antiviolence posters.
    When we were in emergency, we were lucky to get out before the worst of the angry drunks, but we left just as the first one was getting his act together (or not.)
    Two – Just sayin’ on this thread, in case I come across as a Sad person who cannot focus on anything except eye issues – The current Cheezburger’s eyes don’t look at all healthy, do they? (See, it’s like buying a car of a certain model and then you see them everywhere.)

  8. The C string – why not just go commando and be done with it?

  9. Cellobella: My first guess is that it’s stripper gear – complying in a minimal sort of way with the letter of the law.

  10. Oh, dear Maude, the C-string! I heard about this torture device last year. Apparently it’s for when your clothes are so tight that even thongs aren’t skimpy enough to eliminate panty lines.
    If you feel the need to educate yourself further, here’s a story about a reporter who tries wearing one for a week, and here two German models demonstrate wearing it for a day. (Video is not safe for work–it’s on a sex-toy website and shows exactly as much of the models’ bottom halves as you think it does.) It doesn’t matter that it’s in German, the body language says everything you need to know.
    Personally, I’m with Cellobella. Someone mentioned the possibility of using it to prevent Britney Spears-style overexposure, but I think even if you manage to keep it in it doesn’t cover enough to preserve your sense of modesty.
    Colleen’s last blog post..Hate Prop 8?

  11. Oh Colleen, that German video! This is the highlight sequence for me, the dancing sequence:

  12. As far as I know, the c-string is not stripper gear.
    Last I heard was that it was supposed to be the next “evolution” of thongs and g-strings for eliminating panty-lines.
    that being said, what’s the damn point? As someone else pointed out, why not just go commando and be done with it?

  13. In case your outfit’s so tight it shows off your pubes?!
    (In which case, I would say, buy the next size up – but I’m crazy that way!)

  14. “even if you manage to keep it in ”
    Should this be keep it on or is it even worse than I thought?

  15. In case your outfit’s so tight it shows off your pubes?!

    I don’t think that would cover pubes. (All the publicity shots and videos have it on women who have been waxed bald, but I’m guessing, from the size.)

  16. Should this be keep it on or is it even worse than I thought?
    Well, the wire part goes up your butt crack and it seems to me that if you unclench for even a second it’ll fall down. That may not be as bad as you feared, but I thought it merited an “in.” 😉

  17. I’m thinking the spring in the thing is suppose to make it clench your buttcrack without you clenching it. Not that that sounds any less unpleasant.
    Mindy: perhaps the semi-insertable form is available, but in different materials? You’d never get that thing clean.

  18. Does anyone else have a perverse desire to start a site allegedly to ‘market’ the C-string only to have a bunch of regular sized, thirty-plus, unwaxed women modelling? I mean the image of that not covering the pubes and bottoms generous enough to keep it in place…and the thought of people expecting to see airbrushed models for their gratification. It just makes me giggle as a possible form of activism against this kind of ‘hey, wear less, it’s hot’ crap.
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..No, I won’t join it, and I don’t believe it

  19. Is the “C” for cunt or crack, do you reckon?

  20. What was the G for? Groin? Gyno? (Zoe, I think you and I are lowering the tone of this thread!)

  21. I’m totally going to ATTEMPT TO QUICKLY.

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