victim blaming

Quote of the Week: victim blaming and rape culture

If the fact that there are people who will argue with a straight fucking face that an 11-year-old child “didn’t do enough” to stop eighteen young men from raping her doesn’t convince everyone with a capacity for reason and any trace of decency that we live in a culture that supports and condones rape, I can’t imagine what possibly could.

Sexting and Slut-Shaming

Announcing the release of this particular video, he commented “The launch of this new video comes on White Balloon Day – a time to break the silence on child sexual assault and raise awareness that child safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

Everyone’s responsibility. Everyone’s. Shall we take a quick peek at the video in question?

Assvisories: Sexting advisory for parents

I just received this from my son’s all-boy high school. I realise that it’s almost certainly a Department of Education advisory that they’re just passing on, but why are the only visible faces in this advisory those of girls?