31st Down Under Feminist Carnival

Welcome to the December 5, 2010 edition of down under feminists carnival, going up late because of Reasons!

the DUFC icon - a female symbol with the stars of the Southern Cross inside the circle, and the text "Down Under Feminists Carnival" N.B. All text in quotes is from the person(s) who submitted the post to the carnival.

Class and Poverty

Rachel has some Thoughts on meritocracy, aspiration and privilege

Family and Women’s Work

blue milk tells us This is what a “Mummy Blogger” looks like, muses on When parents are the ones having the meltdown and also Can attachment parenting be saved? « blue milk

Linda at Less than a Mother, in the World of Oughtisms | Autism & Oughtisms

“Beautifully honest piece on mothering an autistic child.”

Rayedish: Wherein rather than confront I retrospectively vent

General Feminism

Remedial victim blaming 101

“bog-standard victim blaming tripe, now with the QoT cussword treatment!”

QoT cussed some more in Women are not your fucking thought experiments, dudebros; and Unnamed teacher’s “reflective statement” leaked to II

“Teacher gets away with sexually harassing students.”

Meanwhile I proffered Belated hooray for the High Court re asylum seekers; Kim refuses to join in with Judging Courtney and discovers another antifeminist columnist in the MSM with Josephine Asher has a lot to thank feminism for.

Ariane muses on gender roles and objectification in  What does the path to equality look like?;  some NZ slutshaming gets called out with  Who?s a slut? Probably you.Short skirts and sluttiness and Newlands College to be awarded Grand Woman-Shaming Prize at secret Patriarchy Conference.
bluebec posted A reflection on how finding a regional Oz/NZ feminist blogging community helped ground her feminist philosophy.


Deborah reveals thatChristopher Pearson writes parody!; Queen Emily writes movingly on Transgender Day of Remembrance: Living with the threat; Steph examines marriage equality in on marriage; Bluebec notes that The Australian Christian Lobby is lonely.

Health and Disability

look what I got;

“A little bit of activism”

More snark from me in Nurse practitioners not actually TEOTWAWKI* – yay! | Hoyden About Town.
Ideologically Impure’s reaction to making breast cancer ‘sexy’ and Scuba Nurse’s related post


Deborah writes Apropos of agency; bluebec looks at Period Pain; Steph from 天高皇企鹅远 writes Addressing racism and classism in animal rights activism – The Scavenger

Language and Literature

Vagina is a word, by Dr Samantha, who doesn’t identify as a feminist but nevertheless writes on matters of feminist interest
Multiple submissions for orlando’s On Ophelia, Who Never Got to Be a Hoyden | Hoyden About Town


The MSM gets a serve about the assumptions they make about women’s lives in Penthe’s Organising the perfect party, or in which the Age is annoying; Kim’s Making fairness a women’s issue, like periods; and blue milk’s Dissecting the trivial.

Helen presents What is Feminist Snark? « Feminist Snark

A new feminist group blog, which in their own words, are “inspired by a conversation with a group of feminists who are active online and interested in pop culture, but tired of the kind of feminist fails common in pop culture blogs.”

Ok, this is the point where I’m stopping summarising and just getting it out there:
Kim: Being an arsehole in public
Tansy: Selling Sexist Stereotypes to Six Year Olds

Boganette: Dudebro attack bingo

“Responses to an article on sexual harassment.”

Congratulations Kate Middleton! posted at Boganette


The radical notion that children are people posted at Spilt Milk.

Remembering Bobbi Sykes 1944-2010 | Hoyden About Town

“Not so much for the post itself as for the sentiment expressed therein.”

Mindy: Princess Boy | Hoyden About Town posted at Hoyden About Town

“Gender stuff”

Deborah submitted the following all beautifully formatted in HTML for me to cut and paste (thankyou!):
On Muslim women and agency: at The Hand Mirror, anjum points out that Muslims are quite capable of speaking for themselves: We’re quite capable of speaking for ourselves. Deborah poses a test for her students In a Strange Land: Apropos of agency. anjum celebrates Azilawati Banchit, the woman who won Waikato University’s thesis in three competition.

Amanda at Pickled Think has some instructions for how to be an acceptable victim: There, I Fixed It For You: How To Present Like a Victim in 5 Easy Steps Edition.

Scuba Nurse analyses the “Birth or Not” website: My take on the “Birth Or Not” website. Deborah spots one of New Zealand’s political commentators being pragamatic when it comes to letting women’s rights to choice wait for a little longer, but principled when it’s a man’s ideals at stake: Leopards… spots… Chris Trotter redux.

At The Hand Mirror, Anne Else writes about some research that claims that boys don’t like books. As you might suspect, the story is rather more complicated: Books and boys: policing masculinity.

A Waikato car dealer refused to employ a woman because she was… a woman. anjum has the story: clueless and clueless: the sequel.


Rachel: Musings of an Inappropriate Woman – Just a quick political generalisation, don’t mind me.

“On the moral and ethical differences between progressives and conservatives.”

Race & Racism

Steph: not a definitive definition posted at 天高皇企鹅远.
Remembering Bobbi Sykes 1944-2010 | Hoyden About Town
Chally: Racial Identity Cannot be Determined by Casual Bystanders
‘gross, weird, inedible (redux)’ by vi

Repro Justice

Does not mean what you think it means

“Comparing abortion to genocide is wrong.”

Lies and collateral damage posted at Boganette

“Anti choice tactics”


The wildest confession you can make about your sex life « blue milk

Sex and Relationships

QoT:Not what we meant by a feminine mystique

“On why Stephen Fry being gay isn’t an excuse for saying ignorant crap about women’s libidos.”


“(as in, relationships as friends)”

Rachel: Diamonds aren’t forever: the marriage question and No not sexualisation, objectification: say it with me and So, I may have gotten a little bolshie on that whole sexualisation thing posted at Musings of an inappropriate woman,

“Objectification might be the common thread here, but it seems likely that the way it manifests itself today is different to the way it manifested itself for Bettys Friedan and Draper’s unhappy 1950s housewives, and for Naomi Wolf’s 1980s iron maiden.”

bluebec: Sexpo reflections ? the good and the bad

The Body

Mimbles: Swimming

“A fantastic post – powerful, normalising, personal, educative.”

Fat Body, Open Mind at Spilt Milk.
A Letter to My Body posted at Fat Heffalump.
QoT: Newlands College to be awarded Grand Woman-Shaming Prize at secret Patriarchy Conference and LadyNews with Who?s a slut? Probably you. plus Short skirts and sluttiness

“More on slut shaming of school girl”


Queen of Thorns (QoT): Guns don?t kill people, stupid fucking yobs kill people
Hand Mirror: headline fail… in fact, total fail
Kim: If you drink, you deserve to be raped

Boganette: Living. In fear.

“What it’s like to live in fear.”

* * * * * * * *

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of down under feminists carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Thanks to all those who submitted posts to the carnival this month: Bluebec, blue milk, Bri, Chally, Della, Helen, Jaunita, Jo Tamar, Mary, mimbles, Natalie, Rachel Hills, QoT, stef, stephanie and more!

Now, just to round up the blogs/bloggers included in this carnival:

Steph at 天高皇企鹅远, Ariane at Ariane’s little world, Linda atAutism & Oughtisms, blue milk at blue milk, bluebec at bluebec.com, Boganette at Boganette, Fat Heffalump, myself, Mindy & orlando here at HaT, QoT at Ideologically Impure, Deborah at In a strange land, LadyNews, life or books?, Musings of an inappropriate woman, the news with nipples, Steph from 天高皇企鹅远 at The Scavenger, The View from Down Here, Zero at the Bone

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