Quote of the Week: victim blaming and rape culture

Remember bluemilk’s post earlier this month about revolting victim-blaming in the case of a child being gang-raped in Cleveland, Texas? The victim-blaming continues, with a nasty side-serve of ethnic conflict between Latin- and African-Americans, but the major feminist point remains this, noted by Liss at Shakesville last week:

If the fact that there are people who will argue with a straight fucking face that an 11-year-old child “didn’t do enough” to stop eighteen young men from raping her doesn’t convince everyone with a capacity for reason and any trace of decency that we live in a culture that supports and condones rape, I can’t imagine what possibly could.

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  1. QFT. I just don’t even know, how do you argue against that sort of gendered hatred and racism? There’s basically nothing that could convince these people.
    Not enough booze ever.

  2. I’ve been quoting that everywhere – it’s clear. It’s rape culture.

  3. Big ups to you, Boganette and others, supporting QoT’s post on abortion reform over at The Standard. I think you actually got through to a few.

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