If you’re in the bushfire zone looking for something to do to help and you’ve already donated to the Red Cross and the CFA, your local wildlife rescue service could probably do with a hand – ring them and ask them if they need some eucalyptus leaves from your garden trees, or some help filling water containers in the shelters, or just a cash donation.

Victoria is burning.

Update 9 Feb: There are now 126 people confirmed dead, and the toll is projected to rise about 200. Flickr photoset of the firest here. ~~ Any fire reports? Are the Hoydenizens ok? There’s probably no mobile coverage if you… Read More ›

Angst in the papers

This morning’s editorial in The Age is muted with respect to the two laws passed regarding reproductive choice in Victoria last week, opining that the abortion decriminalisation legislation goes too far with its explicit negation of a conscience clause, and… Read More ›