As Melissa from Shakesville would say.

The juvenile in Adelaide was obviously desperate in the heatwave and acting in a very unusual fashion to walk to a group of humans and make it obvious to them that it was thirsty [link]. Many of you on facebook etc may already have seen another juvenile in Adelaide enjoying a bath in a tub of water [link] after its mother abandoned it during the heatwave.

The adult koala in the Victorian fire zone is probably in shock, if not from actual burns then just from being in such a hostile environment and becoming dehydrated. I’m sure it’s in the hands of the wildlife rescue people now, and they will release it to the wild once it’s recovered and the fires are over.

If you’re near the bushfire zone looking for something to do to help and you’ve already donated what you can to the Red Cross and the CFA, your local wildlife rescue service could probably do with a hand – ring them and ask them if they need some eucalyptus leaves from your garden trees, or some help filling water containers in the shelters, or just a cash donation.

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  1. Brilliant idea. And if you live near the affected areas, give the local vet a hug. They’ll be seeing a lot of suffering, and euthenaising a lot of their patients over the next few weeks.

  2. Poor little guys. So sad.

    I was really distressed earlier today to learn the current human death toll. What a horrible situation, all around.

  3. The other thing I remember from the last time I was in a bushfire zone at my parents’ place – we kept bottles full of water in the frig so that we could offer them to fireys as they came to inspect the homes. It’s often a bit of a long stop for them between drinking-water stations, so it’s a useful bit of help.

  4. Animal Aid is looking after small domestic animals and could use donations of goods or cash, and probably offers of accomodation for pets as well. They’re taking in lost animals and pets that can’t stay at temporary accomodation with their families. They’re in Coldstream, so not far from the bushfire affected areas. RSPCA are helping out with animals as well.
    The Triple R Equine Welfare Crisis Network is a place to ask for or offer assistance with horses needing accomodation or care in the crisis. They also have a travelling vet available for people who can’t get hold of one elsewhere.

  5. And I should add that Wildlife Victoria are asking people NOT to ring them at the moment unless it is for injured wildlife (1300 094 535). They are completely inundated, but could really use donations – they lost two wildlife shelters in the fires.

  6. Thanks for that extra information, Jet.

  7. I know this is a little off-topic (though still related to the bushfires), but has anyone seen this story:
    It’s left me speechless.

  8. Aww thirsty koalas, what a sad sight.

  9. 😦 So sad.


  1. That Koala from the Fires - Video — Hoyden About Town
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