Prostitots and babywhores

I blogged a while back about the disturbing trend of sexualised dolls as toys for little girls.

There’s a very interesting article in the SMH on Turning Girls Into Eye Candy.

“We can’t allow marketers to colonise this nor should it be demonised by the right either. It’s the corporate exploitation of children’s sexuality that is disgusting and dangerous, not the sexuality itself.”

Kilbourne utters a last word of warning: the bombardment of sexual images are not designed solely to sell us or our children on sex: “What it’s really about is selling us on shopping. Our generation didn’t shop for recreation, we didn’t hang around malls,” she said.

“Learn early about appearance and it it turns you into a good little consumer. Teach a seven-year-old that sex is about accessorising and you’ve secured a lifetime of lingerie buying. If you disassociate sex from non-market feelings – pleasure, desire, intimacy – and associate it instead with consumable superficialities, you’ll not only keep the rabble in line, you’ll have them lined up at the mall.”

Consumerism not only clutters up our houses, it clutters up our minds and our relationships. Fuck consumerism.

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