So, how does one tell the axe-murderers from the con-artists?

I’m off shortly to the Sydney latte-blog get-together. I’ve got together IRL with net-buddies before in my USENet days, and shared fun and hospitality, but whenever I speak of it to people who don’t interact online they are always concerned re the safety aspects of meeting up with people I’ve never seen.

I think coffee and gelato in crowded Saturday afternoon Leichhardt is safe enough apart from the assault on one’s sensiblities from the decor, and the sense of personality one absorbs from reading someone day after day is probably more reliable than one’s instincts about co-workers, gym-buddies or the blokes down the footy club.

Still, if I never come back, track down Suki and Susoz, and either wreak vengeance or form a posse with their grieving relatives.

UPDATE: Belay that posse alert – we’re all fine!

As well as the two grrls named Su, I met Tim of Deltoid, Flashman of Electron Soup, Morgan of Morgspace and Weezil of MGK. Apart from wilting a bit in the heat and humidity, we were as pleasant a bunch of lunchers as could be imagined. Looking forward to an April Fool’s Blogger’s Picnic in the Botanical Gardens, on which more details shall be forthcoming.

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