Month: March 2006

I could have done without this

Some readers with whom I’ve been invisible friends for some time know that my son, the Togster, has Asperger’s Syndrome, and thus has special educational needs. Like many Aspies, he is fairly high IQ and quite accomplished with maths/science/tech subjects,… Read More ›

Simple arguments

Two posts about gaping policy divides in Western society: Firstly Chris Clarke of Creek Running North: “some things are priceless, and the economy thus finds them worthless. “ Read the whole thing, which provoked the following comment from John from… Read More ›

Dawn does not heart Kevin

KTK of bioethics blog Sufficient Scruples has been banned from commenting at the anti-choice fundegelical hysterics forum Dawn Patrol , written by the only journalist ever to be fired from a Murdoch paper for ethics violations, Dawn Eden. Kevin explains… Read More ›

Babies, black dogs and benefits

Well now, isn’t this study an interesting bookend with the New Zealand study that caused a press stir a few months ago when it showed a correlation between mental illness and abortion of pregnancy. An Australian study has shown that… Read More ›

Get Up, yer whingers

Thanks to Susoz, I now know we have an Australian netroots progressive activism group a la in the States, which is Get Up! MoveOn did some credible work in fundraising and lobbying at the last US election. It will… Read More ›

One thinks Jess is brilliant

Via Kim at Larvatus Prodeo, Jess at ausculture exercises her peculiar talent as she watched the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games last week and reveals to the panting hordes: The Queen’s Thoughts On The Opening Ceremony (PICTORIAL EDITION) Makes… Read More ›