Sydney Blog Meet – April Fool’s Picnic Reminder

On a very hot Saturday last month, at the latteblogmeet coordinated by Susoz, we muttered about having a picnic on April Fool’s Day when the weather would be just that little bit cooler, and to make it a kid-friendly but not family-exclusive event (this is code for we won’t be giving you the hairy eyebrow if you turn up sans sprog and avec grog).

Any Sydney resident or visiting blogger is welcome to join us, presuming there’s still an us keen on the idea. Hello, lattebloggers? Still planning on picknicking?

The plan is to meet up on the lawn area at the east side of the main pond (in the centre of Farm Cove) with some comestibles and rugs/chairs, and chat away for a few hours, with plenty of space for any rugrats or larger sprogs to run around.

This is the view of the harbour from south of the main pond. The lawn is just off to the right of this shot, backed by some shadetrees and with a convenient conveniences block nearby. Any foreign tourists unused to our climate: don’t forget to slip-slop-slap (and wrap) even if it’s cloudy as above – those UVB rays are sneaky.

The gardens are a great place to wander around if you haven’t been for a while. The rose garden will be busting out in its autumn flush. Oh, and if you amble around the other side of the trees above, you can see some of this sort of thing, if you care to.

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  1. What’s the airfare from NY to Sydney? That all looks tres, tres lovely!

  2. Spring sprunging a tad slowly for you, Alice?

  3. today is a gorgeous day in NYC, but i’ll bet that today is even better in Sydney!! (mucho jealous!)(i found you via Deltoid, by the way)GrrlScientist

  4. Actually it’s rain and thunderstorms forecast for today, although when it’s sunny (or at least fine) it is indeed lovely here.So far there’s almost more interest from the North-East USA than there is from Sydney bloggers though! Still, there’ll probably be a few of us, and there are undercover tables at the kiosk just a bit to the south of the pond if it gets a bit moist on the day. Or we could go ferry-riding instead.I’m only owned 18.5% by my blog, by the way.

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