Why oh why?

There’s been another shooting incident in Granville, in the same street as last week’s double murder. Police are calling for residents to come forth with any information, especially those in the Middle Eastern community. So far, not a sausage.

The reason noone’s coming forth wouldn’t have anything to do with this, would it?

MONEY stolen, car trashed, bashed and humiliated, interrogated for hours in a lock-up — it wasn’t what Mamdouh Habib was expecting when he called police to alert them to a fatal shooting in the Sydney suburb of Granville.


One local resident, who asked to be named only as Melissa, backed Mr Habib’s version of events.

“There were five or six coppers hitting him, dragging him to the police car. I told them ‘why are you taking him, he hasn’t done anything’,” she said. “The police officer said ‘get in your house or we’ll arrest you too’.”


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