Day: 2006-05-29

Oh noes, a search terms post

I’m not that keen on “weird things people search for and end up at this blog” posts, (although my sitemeter does give me frequent quiet moments of amusement and rarer bouts of disgust) but: People who are arriving at this… Read More ›

Ruminating Erudition (swoon)

Brand spanking new group blog Sarsaparilla, writing about literature, media and culture from Aussie points of view, with contributors who are some of my favourite Ozbloggers. I love this idea – bless the good blog Sarsaparilla and all who sail… Read More ›

Moronic twits and clap-trap

Daily Telegraph columnist Anita Quigley is shrill in her Saturday column about a Sydney pre-school which has introduced a curriculum which is friendly to non-traditional homosexual and transgender families. She’s “a strong advocate for a factual and concise sex curriculum… Read More ›