Oh noes, a search terms post

I’m not that keen on “weird things people search for and end up at this blog” posts, (although my sitemeter does give me frequent quiet moments of amusement and rarer bouts of disgust) but:

People who are arriving at this blog searching for blather about the new Brangelina baby (and quickly running off when what you find is blather about the history of hyphenated surnames), you might have better luck finding the sort of page you want if you spell the baby’s name properly. Her name is

Shiloh Nouvelle* Jolie-Pitt(see erratum below)


Shiloh Novel Jolie-Pitt

Nouvelle means a new female in French, and while an unusual choice for a name, is certainly apposite for a female baby.

Novel means a book of fiction (such things are mentioned fairly often here), and really would be a very odd choice of name indeed for any baby. Jolie and Pitt may well be odd, but they’re not that odd.


Kudos to the one searcher who came here after spelling the infant’s name correctly.

ERRATUM: There’s an old USENet tradition regarding spelling flames, which is that a spelling flame should always contain a misspelling of its own. To my chagrin, it appears that the first source I read about the name of baby Jolie-Pitt incorrectly gave her second pre-name as “Nouvelle”, when it is in fact “Nouvel” i.e. tha masculine form rather than the feminine, so my snark above is wrongwrong-wrongitty-wrong. Well, except about “Novel” being even wronger there is a limit y’know. There is speculation that this name honours architect Jean Nouvel (architecture being a passion of Pitt’s) but until the golden couple emerge from their postnatal glow we just don’t know. The Academie Francaise don’t like it nohow, but as a girl named after my dad’s uncle I don’t think it’s something worth fussing about, except that every gossip reporter will.

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  1. There was a lass on the radio today who has the middle name of ‘mischief’ – wish I’d thought of that 🙂

  2. I like that one too.

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