A whale of a weekend

Had a nice weekend away from the house enjoying the fine weather, so haven’t blogged.

On Saturday, the family and I met up with Morgspace and The Other Andrew for lunch at Coogee. It was a perfect Sydney winter’s day – bright blue sky, clear air after the rain, and everybody out enjoying the sun.

We had fish and chips and some wine at a picnic table in the beach reserve, then indulged in gelato, then wandered up the hill to the cliffs.

Half of the fabulous selection of gelato; two of those kids are mine.

Having heard reports on the radio all week about migrating whales, I brought the binoculars along, and my confidence was rewarded! Gorgeous leaping whales just offshore from the South Coogee cliff-walk. All along the path cliffward of the dog-park people lined up to watch, the dogs wondering why they weren’t getting the attention from all the passersby that they’re used to. As we watched people called their friends on their mobiles and the numbers swelled. The whales almost seemed to know we were watching and put on a show for us, continually breaching with huge twisting leaps.

Long shadows and gathering crowds, including police on bikes
When the whales rested, we had dogs to make a fuss of. Couldn’t be bettered.

Looking westward back at the watchers; kid with sooky dogs

My lens had insufficient resolution for a good whale image (I have merely vague distant splashes and spumes), but Morgan’s lens was better, and so are his photos, so go over to his Flickr page to check them out by clicking on the picture below.

Sometimes I really love this city.

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