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Right-Blogistan is all het up about an email from the founder of top-ranking blog DailyKos to other progressive bloggers asking them to not report on a story unfavourable to an associate of his. This request from Markos Moulitsas is being spun as him having a stranglehold on the talking points of Left-Blogistan. Oh yes, that man’s a brilliant one for herding cats. Billmon makes a good case for the spin being the beginning of a swiftboating. In particular, a swiftboating that is aimed at tainting the entire left of blogdom with the evils of “our leader” who counts the beats of our lockstepped keyboards.

Notorious right-wing talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh has been found with falsely-prescribed Viagra and other drugs in his baggage when he returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic. Limbaugh is currently on probation for illegally obtaining the painkiller Oxycontin. Right-Blogistan is het up about the possibility of Limbaugh being set up, because after all, there could be no general reason that the Customs Service would otherwise be searching personal jets entering the USA from the Caribbean, would there?

No, no reason for Customs to search a small plane like drug-smugglers use, coming from a small country full of drug-smuggling bases, which is also a haven for sex tourism. No reason at all.

So yes, Right-Blogistan, you’ve finally convinced me. Up until now I thought Kos was just a cyberaggrandiser who was more interested in party politicking than issues blogging, and was not actually nearly as powerful as he’s made out to be. I was wrong. Obviously, the length of Kos’ reach is astounding: he must have told a progressive Customs agent to put those pills in Limbaugh’s luggage. Expose this maniac, for all our sakes!

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  1. How powerful can Kos be? I mean, he wasn’t even on The West Wing. Anyone who is not marshalling the forces of liberal Hollywood is a total piker. All bow down before Atrios! Like, DUH!

  2. I must have missed that episode. Wonkette’s going to get a regular TV gig before Kos is anyway.

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