Month: July 2006

zuzu gave me a present

A mondegreened earworm. From the 70s. Gee, ta ever so. All right. Sydney physio vs NYC lawyer earworm deathmatch. It may not come close to the overwhelming retrokitsch of the ‘06 YouTube Wars, but if you don’t want to go… Read More ›

Raising boys without fathers

A piece provocatively titled “Do boys need fathers? This woman says no” was published in The Observer over the weekend, a profile of the work of American psychologist Peggy Drexler on fatherless families. Drexler has engaged in a longitudinal study… Read More ›

Kim Jong Il has many screws loose

and his brainwashed subjects would undoubtedly be better off in the long term if his regime were overthrown. But I nonetheless want to applaud him giving the one-fingered salute to Washington with today’s missile test launches. I wish I didn’t… Read More ›