Back on deck

I’ve had a bit of a lost week – one of those achey-breaky ‘flus with sore eyes meaning ‘puter time is not restful but is rather ennervating, so I’ve just been sleeping it off and makin sure I get the kids to and from school (it’s been parent-teacher nights this week as well).

I think the relentless rain these past few weeks tipped me over into S.A.D. territory as well, so yesterday while the sun was out I got me some UV, and plan to do the same today..

Last night I had the chance to put up a post at Larvatus Prodeo about the Daily Terror running amok with a story about dangerous hypodermic needles in Kings Cross, in what was quickly determined to be a pretty obvious stunt aiming to discredit the Medically Supervised Injection Centre (hint to the gullible: used syringes are not sparkly clean).

There’s some good medical/neuroscience reading at:

Swollen amgydalae suggest causes, and possibly even cures, for the
debilitating disorder.

  • electron soup posted a link to this fascinating article raising many questions about the extent our behaviour is hardwired by our neurological architecture, prompted by the case study of a man who developed paedophiliac tendencies due to a brain tumour.

Hopefully back to regular blogging shortly.

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  1. S.A.D. seems to have become almost widespread over the past few weeks. Hope you’re over it, and the flu.

  2. Thanks for the wellwishes, Morgan. I had a lovely day in the sun with my book today and am feeling much much better. I even got to take my neighbour’s dogs for a walk.

  3. I’m glad to see you back, and hope you are feeling better.

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