Month: July 2006

They did what?

Thus far my blog has been a BB free zone, but WTF? John and Ashley were evicted for doing what? For any two men to do that anywhere is offensive, but how stupid do you have to be to do… Read More ›

The Art of Parody, Sublime

On my blog the women come and bitch Reading Ivan Denisovitch. And indeed there will be time To download videos of laissez faire, Time to pull rants from my derriere, With a cowlick in the middle of my hair –… Read More ›

New twists on old memes

OK, Pavlov’s Cat infected Ampersand Duck, and it’s contagious. Everyone remembers the old porn name game, right?YOUR PORN NAME(First Pet’s Name + Name of Street First Lived On) My porn name is Rusty Bruce, which, as I have often noted,… Read More ›

But what would they sing?

Grooms for life: Denise Noe has a plan to reduce abortions by recruiting godly single men to marry knocked-up whores who will thereupon resile from their baby-murd’rin’ ways and fawn upon the godbothering grooms in gratitude thereafter ’til death do… Read More ›