I nearly ran over a pedestrian today

Do you think a judge would be sympathetic to my explanation that I was trying to work out whether the hunkaspunk talking on his cellphone while standing at the lights was indeed Hugh Jackman? We weren’t too far from the big theatre in Haymarket, after all.

V. embarassing and shamemaking. The pedestrian was (quite rightly) very upset and very voluble, and he didn’t register on the gaydar one teenytiny bit, so I didn’t try out the explanation on him. I didn’t think mentioning the other car that confused me by running the red light would prick his sympathy either, so I just listened and nodded with a very apologetic and very red face.

Still, what very long legs that hunky young man did have. Hugh, if it was you, those jeans are definite winners.

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  1. Hmmm, perhaps it will depend on the judge’s gaydar rating. I’m sure Siggy in _Sea Change_ would understand.

  2. Luckily, I am only talking of a hypothetical judge. Having vented at me at length, the pedestrian left it at that. I hope the rest of his day was less nerve-wracking, and I’m not sure that young men who look distractingly like Hugh Jackman should be allowed to roam the streets unchecked.

  3. God, don’t you hate those near misses, and don’t they come back to haunt you. The other day I absent-mindedly came within two or three inches of fishing a live extension-cord connection out of the sinkful of water it had fallen into (don’t ask) with my bare right hand before sanity kicked in, and I’m still having flashbacks.

  4. I suppose a request for an autograph was out of the question, then.Glad you’re both only a little red in the face from the experience.

  5. Damn, that extension-cord story gave me the shivers – fried cat is not a good look. I’ll bet you won’t come near to making that mistake again.

  6. I also shivered over the extension cord story – brrrh. Glad your sanity kicked your impulse there, PC.Somehow Morgan, I’m not sure that batting my eyes at the Hughlike one and saying “I’m such a huge (haha) fan I nearly ran that yelling man over – would you mind signing this?” would have necessarily impressed him with the perspicacity and general high-falutin-ness of his fanbase. The horror might even cause later flashbacks that could result in mistimed maraccas. I wouldn’t be able to take the guilt.

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