Day: 2006-09-29

Rounding up good stuff

Jill at Feministe has a couple of strong articles on the religious exceptionalists in the US and their increased co-opting of a “warriors for Christ” message for evangelical youth: Where Can I Find Me A Warrior Poet? and her review… Read More ›

This bumper sticker I like

I find a lot of bumper stickers and badges promoting partisan politics or ideological positions way too shrill for my taste. But I might actually buy this one: Found at Carry A Big Sticker. Might be nice if they also… Read More ›

Grogblogging about town

Last night we had a Sydney grogblogmeet at The Clock in Crown Street, with a Larvatus Prodeobloggers’ meetup for dinner beforehand. The excuse for both was Mark Bahnisch‘s venturing south from Brisvegas. I finally got to meet Mark, Shaun, Liam… Read More ›