Rounding up good stuff

Jill at Feministe has a couple of strong articles on the religious exceptionalists in the US and their increased co-opting of a “warriors for Christ” message for evangelical youth:
Where Can I Find Me A Warrior Poet? and her review of the documentary Jesus Camp.

Zuzu, also at Feministe, offers up Fact-Checking Lazy Sexist Assumptions, which serendipitously preemptively debunks this lazy Janet Albrechtsen piece. Rob Corr at Larvatus Prodeo also did a good piece on Albrechtsen’s parroting of Brizendine’s claims, The Science of the Female Brain.

Pam and Amanda at Pandagon are on fire this week. Pam’s analysing the worst excesses of fundevangelicals regarding “prosperity gospels” and homophobia, while Amanda has some scary stuff on the Bill just passed by US Congress that essentially legalises secret offshore interrogation centres and the continued use of the euphemistically-labelled “coercive interrogation techniques” (scroll down this archive until you get to Red herrings, morality and torture and work your way forward from there).

Staying in Texas, Molly Ivins has a typically astute column on the same bill: Habeas Corpus, R.I.P. (1215 – 2006).

All worth reading.

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