Month: October 2006

Will the Grauniad’s servers cope?

Ricky Gervais is back podcasting for free at the Guardian, for three seasonal specials: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. His initial free podcasts, of material written with The Office cowriter Stephen Marchant, were so successful he was able to take them… Read More ›

The veil dilemma

Speaking out against the veiling of Muslim women is hugely problematic because of the way niqab has been politicised, and also because the experience of North Africa shows that when Western feminists get shrill about Islamic oppression of women it… Read More ›

Wheels grinding slowly

Good news from India – a new law gives broad protections to women against domestic violence, specifically including the special violence that results when trying to get a larger dowry payment from the bride’s family. The framers of the new… Read More ›

Privilege and higher education

The SMH reports on the results of a study by ANU academics titled Why are high ability individuals from poor backgrounds underrepresented at university? RESEARCH has exploded some myths about university entry and performance – including the notion that richer… Read More ›

Reproductive Freedoms roundup

Australia’s abortion healthcare is superior but improvement has stalled due to stigmas on training programmes: It shows that the most common [abortion] complications occur far less frequently in Australia than in other western countries. Only 0.2 of every 1,000 abortions… Read More ›

Just a word?

Brooklynite offers some thoughts on what civil unions laws in the US will mean for the common language usage of “married”. Two years after the decision: “My friend Kyle got married last weekend.” “What? I thought he was gay?” “Oh,… Read More ›


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Link garden

Because my real garden got just a bit crisped last week and nothing is at its best for photographing. But my purple prose can always bloom in service to the garden of blogular delights: