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Last night we had a Sydney grogblogmeet at The Clock in Crown Street, with a Larvatus Prodeobloggers’ meetup for dinner beforehand. The excuse for both was Mark Bahnisch‘s venturing south from Brisvegas.

I finally got to meet Mark, Shaun, Liam and a belated Georg from LP in an unfortunately noisy bouncy-box restaurant which had terrific Thai food and diabolical service. Liam’s beret is even more magnificent than I had imagined.

At The Clock we met up with Jason Soon, commentor Leinad, fellow LP-ers Steve Edney and Phil Gomes, and a few latecomers including Tim Lambert , Stephen from Club Troppo and a couple of others whose names I didn’t quite catch. It was lovely meeting all of you, and I hope none of you are nursing too ferocious a headache this morning.

Leinad suggested going out the back where there was carpet and couches rather than the front-bar’s bouncybox wooden floor and metal furniture arrangement, but although the couches and poufes were comfy the music was sadly too loud there as well. Even after we got the volume turned down it was difficult to converse in a large group, so we had a several small groups with some movement between them instead. Still, I half-heard quite a few interesting discussions, and Shaun, Steve E. and I proved to be the biggest sci-fi geeks attending (though to be fair, Jason was talking with someone else at the time, and may have outdone us had his batsense picked up on the Lucas-trashing).

Georg and I shared a cab home fairly early, about 10ish as we both had early mornings to look forward to. Look forward to another grogblog somewhere a bit quieter next time, eh?

UPDATE: Steve Edney has a report on the evening, Jason Soon has one too, Phil has put a brief threadstarter up at LP. and Georg has added her report.

FURTHER: We’re have a grogblogmeet for Kate, who is flitting in from Perth, on Thursday 12th from 7pm in Enmore Marrickville. Further details here [link]

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  1. Well, I’ll be in Sydney from October the 9th for a few days, so…

  2. It was a lot of fun. Perhaps an afternoon in a beer garden sometime, less noisy smoky etc.

  3. Excellent, Kate! Email me with a few more details of your trip and I’ll see if I can set something up.
    Steve, a nice beer garden somewhere sounds just the ticket.

  4. I was very tempted to rock up to that shindig, but got sidetracked with other stuff. Next time there’s a collection like that I’ll have to meet some of the bloggers I read so often. 🙂
    The Rose has a nice beer garden but it’s usually packed pretty quickly after about 7 or so. Hrmmm… venues, venues…

  5. Despite my early-ish exit, I had a great time too. In regard to venues, if anyone is around Newtown/Enmore there is the Carlisle which has a good beergarden and decent food. Also, The Courthouse, the Warren View and the Duke are all worthwhile.

  6. Ahh I love the Warren View. Best Anzac Day two-up pub ever.
    We used to dream of opening a chain of pubs with Aussie bloke names just like the Warren View: Wayne View, Bruce View, Greg View, etc.
    Tigtog, I’m emailing people about the trip this weekend, so I’ll let you know what our movements are!

  7. Steve has gone and revealed my secret to the world! But it was great to meet Viv and Steve in person and catch up with the others. A most excellent evening.

    And as with most fun nights this morning was not as fun.

  8. Did someone say ‘beer’? Are we going to set fire to it?
    Wait. . . wrong blog. Sorry.

  9. In the spirit of scientific enquiry I think some Battlers ought to come along and show us how it’s done, BK.

  10. Yes, I think you should come along to any planned blogger beer-up BK. Good call Tigtog.

  11. Okay . . .
    you’re buying.

  12. I missed it, but if you organise something with Kate, let me know about it, preferably not Weds 11th or Thurs 12th.

  13. Sorry you missed it, Susoz. I’m not even sure why I didn’t publicise it here, except that I wasn’t entirely sure whether I’d go on to the Clock bash after the LP dinner.
    I’ll await Kate’s travel itinerary.

  14. I was in town, mere minutes away at a working dinner, and nearly kicked on from there to The Clock — but we had to start the meeting again in the morning, so I went back to Morgan’s and slept the sleep of the middle-aged knackered instead. Close, though.

  15. Bugger! We were short on sheilas, too.
    OK, from now on, even if I’m not sure whether I’ll make it, relentless promotion of grogblogging gatherings will henceforth ensue.

  16. No worries BK, the beer is on me. As long as it’s before Oct 22 when I will be blowing this joint. Goodbye Sydney, hello the beach.

  17. Heading for a seachange, you lucky duck. I love the north coast.

  18. It’s public now, is it?

  19. The general direction is OK to mention I reckon, BK.

  20. funny, Amanda usually tells us about grogblogmeets… but she’s stupidly busy right now. tell us! some of us will be there next time if you do. no guarantee of seeting things alight though, we usually do that in the privacy of our own or someone else’s home 🙂
    do a foray into Newtown territory. slightly less over-done wanky smooth-surfaced shiny expensive noisy places. the Clock and the Dolphin are hollow (literally) shells of what they used to be.

  21. Will do, battlers. I merely await the itinerary email Kate promised me to begin planning.
    UPDATE: grogblogging will occur Thursday 12th from 7pm in Enmore/Marrickville – see update at foot of post for details (if I put a link in an edited comment WP bollixes it somehow).


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