Month: December 2006

Poverty and Peace

poverty generates hostility and anger, and […] peace is impossible where poverty exists. Let’s just repeat Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammed Yunus’ words for emphasis, shall we? poverty generates hostility and anger, and […] peace is impossible where poverty exists… Read More ›

In honour of Eleanor

A long time e-friend has just welcomed the arrival of his second daughter, to be known as Eleanor. Congratulations! I love that name, as Eleanor of Aquitaine (at various times Prince of Aquitaine as ruling Duchess, Queen of France, Queen… Read More ›

Control your jealousy

Next year, I will be paid to torture teenagers who want to win Australian Idol. The tigling’s high school needs tutors who are willing to supplement the instruction given in the school music curriculum. It will only be a few… Read More ›

Mighty testosterone

LONDON ““ Fatherhood significantly reduces men’s testosterone levels, a study has shown. Researchers in the United States compared levels of the male sex hormone among single men and married men, both with and without children, among students. Those who were… Read More ›

Maybe I’m not crazy enough

A life without thinking is not a life. But only the crazed can think deeply. The text in the “about” field of new blog discovery – Amygdala Reconnected, a Chinese blog on health science, weight loss and life in general…. Read More ›

Ad hoc hoyden

When I was putting the banners for this blog together, I trudged through the intertubes in search of pics of my favourite hoydens and found heaps, but obviously I couldn’t put all the pics in, or I would have had… Read More ›