Come back when you can play with the big boys

Repellent neologism of the week:

minigarch (anyone worth less than $50m)

I guess that makes me a nanogarch, if I’m lucky.

seen and defined in today’s Crikey! email

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  1. I heard a gacky new one this week too: ‘megafire’. Which (just in case anyone missed this) is what they’ll get in north-eastern Victoria if all those smaller fires join up.
    *crosses fingers*

  2. *crosses toes*

    My parents and one sib live in bushfire territory too. We spent a lovely Giftmas a few years ago with hoses and buckets. I hope they (and you all) have better and safer things to do for Giftmas this year.

  3. There’s a perfectly good, well-established, word that the upstart “megafire” has no right to usurp: firestorm.
    And “minigarch” pays absolutely no attention to its presumed inspiration’s actual etymology, branding its creator a twit.

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