Month: November 2006

Obsessive fans not just bores

They’re extinguishers of beetles, too. (via Barista) Addendum: serendipitously to the above link, I followed this link (via Bellatrys in a discussion at Pandagon) to a summary of The Poison Mushroom, Nazi pre-war propaganda against Jews. Ugh. Further addendum: The… Read More ›

Just don’t mention the boyfriend

Hey news media: what’s wrong with being gay? asks Pam Spaulding, noting that the American news media have a double standard about discussing the domestic relationships of political figures. If the pollie is straight then family life is part of… Read More ›

The accrued labour of others

“Fashion is a craft, not an industrial, conception, exemplifying to perfection the labor theory of value. The toil of many hands is the sine qua non of fashion. The hand of the weaver, the cutter, the fitter, the needleworker must… Read More ›

Damir, Damir, Damir

Just when the world of tennis seems to be boring and predictable (Williams, Federer, Federer, Williams), you can always count on Damir Dokic to liven things up a bit. JELENA Dokic has again been forced to rubbish the claims of… Read More ›

Calling the shade of Golda Meir

Time to haunt another woman-as-cats’-meat reactionary. A Tennessee high-school principal withdrew a teenage student from a weightlifting class where she was the only girl. Why? Because he was concerned that the boys in the class might try to rape her…. Read More ›

White Ribbon Day

is tomorrow. ThirdCat has more details. UPDATE 29 November: In response to Jillaroo in comments, I’ll link to the discussion over at LP to the White Ribbon Day post I put up there – the thread became a trainwreck very… Read More ›