Month: March 2007

Keating the polemical

Pavlov’s Cat misses Paul Keating’s contributions to public discourse. I do too. Addendum: My favourite cartoon about Maxine McKew challenging John Howard for the seat of Bennelong, by Nicolson and found via Enderverse.

Fact-checking Speedogate

As I posted over at Larvatus Prodeo, the media has fallen down on checking the Speedogate story. Despite John Watkins’ press release about how Peter Debnam’s state of undress has become an “international scandal”, all he could reference was a… Read More ›

Blog against sexism

This Thursday, March 8th. Coordinated by vegankid, who inaugurated BASD last year. Think about writing a post, and if you do, let vegankid know that you’ve done so. I’m probably going to be riffing off this excellent comment left on… Read More ›

Mori to do time? Unlikely.

So I turn on the tabloid TV this morning, and there’s much agitation about the possibility that Major Michael Mori, one of the military lawyers for David Hicks and a personal fave in the shyster ranks, may face charges that… Read More ›

Fetish = S E X = woman

Sky News illustrates a story about a baggage handler with a hair fetish that led him to steal hair from hairbrushes with what? Why, a picture of a woman in her scanties brushing her hair. Of course.

Friday Furry one day late

Oh, this is amazing. originally posted by CityRag who has more pictures and information – apparently all four infant animals were abandoned by their mothers shortly after birth Found via Majikthise: Lindsay says this shot fills her with trepidation (Disaster… Read More ›

Ad hoc hoyden

This time around: Suzi Q. On A Mailing List I frequent of which most members are USAns, we were having a long discussion of names and nicknames. Susan and its derivatives came up, which led to the discussion of Susie… Read More ›

Midweek musings

Which Swan is your kind of swan? The traditional(ish)? image from The Funny Girl schvann? (wot, not one shot on the intarwebs of her suspended in midair?)