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Blog against Sexism Day 2007This Thursday, March 8th. Coordinated by vegankid, who inaugurated BASD last year. Think about writing a post, and if you do, let vegankid know that you’ve done so.

I’m probably going to be riffing off this excellent comment left on Twisty’s post discussing, as I did last week, the depressingly predictable misogyny pile-on the Coultergeist from male “liberals” after her Edwards “faggot” remark.

Bigotry is bigotry and no kind is worse than any other? That has GOT to be a white guy talking. Because I could have SWORN that bigotry backed by political, cultural, and economic power is EXPONENTIALLY worse than bigotry from the less-powerful or powerless.

When women have been running things for ohIdon’tknow SEVERAL MILLENIA and MEN become the second-class gender, THEN and ONLY then will I believe that women being bigoted against men carries equal weight to the bigotry we face FROM men NOW.

And I don’t mean “running things” as in “bending the ear of the guy I’m fucking so he’ll do things my way two times out of five,” I mean “telling the guy I’m fucking what he will and will not do with his life because if he doesn’t obey me I’ll put him out on the street with the kids and he’ll be on welfare the next five years.” Not that that, uh, happens to women NOW at the hands of men, or anything.

Word, Dana.

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