Fact-checking Speedogate

As I posted over at Larvatus Prodeo, the media has fallen down on checking the Speedogate story.

Despite John Watkins’ press release about how Peter Debnam’s state of undress has become an “international scandal”, all he could reference was a single story in The Times of London. What Watkins conspicuously failed to impart, and what none of the media bothered to check out, was that the story he mentions was a gossipy column from nearly a month ago, published in the Life and Style section mainly with the intent of mocking their comparatively portly and pasty pollies.

I just rang up ABC702 to point out the discrepancy of their reportage about the “British press going barmy” about Debnam’s swimtrunks when it was actually just one teeny-tiny column from a month ago. I wasn’t put on air, but the producer went “oh really, wow!” and sounded interested when I mentioned the blogger angle. Will Richard Glover mention a humble blogger calling in to debunk his amusing story of the day? Or will they let it slide? Time will tell.

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  1. the intent of mocking their comparatively portly and pasty pollies.

    Me, insufficiently caffeinated: “Now, what part of the body are ‘pollies’ in colorful Ozzie slang? ‘Hey, Mate, that’s some bonzer pollie you’ve got there!’”
    Sometimes one’s own idiocy is the funniest of all.
    And yeah, I get it. Now.

  2. Heh.
    Pollies are never bonza, although they are often boofheads.
    Not a sausage from Glover about the lack of barminess in the British press regarding Debnam’s budgie-smugglers. It would have ruined too much of the schtick he had planned for the afternoon show, I guess.

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