Sadly, no lennies appeared when I went to view the sunset on Wednesday evening. However the sunset was still most spectacular, with a large clump of cloud right above the setting sun and ribbons of altocumulus streaming down to the south to pick up the light as well.

Image credit: all photos by tigtog, originally uploaded to tigitogs

I was snapping away from 16:58 unti 17:36, from twilight through to full darkness. Here’s the first photo in the sunset photostream [link]. If you click on the sunset tag to the left of the photo on the page you can then choose to view a sunset slideshow, but the default setting runs the sunset backwards! (so if you want to see the images in order using the slideshow you need to set it to manual, go to the last photo in the set, and use the reverse arrow to move through the shots).

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  1. Googling around for other stuff, I found Atmospheric Optics – crepuscular and anticrepuscular rays, glories, halos and much more.

  2. We don’t get the great yellows here, mostly pinks and reds. Only nature can get away with that combination of colours. I always think that sunsets would look really wrong if someone tried to re-create them on a t-shirt.

  3. One of EF Benson’s characters would agree with you:

    Georgie had of late taken his painting much more seriously than ever before, and he had often during the summer put off dinner to an unheard-of lateness in order to catch a sunset, and had risen at most inconvenient hours to catch a sunrise. Lucia had strongly encouraged this zeal, she had told him that if he was to make a real career as an artist he had no time to waste. Appreciation and spurring-on was what he needed: perhaps Irene could help.
    She pointed to the glowing landscape.
    ‘Irene, what would life be without sunsets?’ she asked. ‘And to think that this miracle happens every day, except when it’s very cloudy!’
    Irene looked critically at the view.
    ’Generally speaking, I don’t like sunsets,’ she said. ‘The composition of the sky is usually childish. But good colouring about this one.’

    Although I think EF himself was a bit more romantic about sunsets:

    scarcely had the fires of sunset ceased to blaze on its red walls and roofs and to incarnadine the thin skeins of mist that hung over the marsh, than a large punctual moon arose in the east and executed the most wonderful nocturnes in black and silver

    There were plenty of pinks off to the south especially, with long ribbons of cloud, if not incarnadined then at least then at least enBarbiepinked up the wazoo:

    I’m chuffed to find that EF Benson’s Mapp and Lucia books have been Gutenberged. Those quotes are from Mapp and Lucia.

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