Month: July 2007

Image du jour: Girl cancer!

The March, 2007 edition of Australian Family Physician magazine is a special issue on gynaecological malignancies. I’m boggling at this cover illustration. What do you think? (click for larger version)

Two sides of the same coin

Great comment in a thread over at Feministe about yet another book calling for more sexual modesty (from women, of course): This seems like a great time to focus on re-directing the debate away from regarding “raunch culture’ and “modesty’… Read More ›


Three Welsh inventors are touting their Greenbox system that would replace car exhaust systems with an emissions capture system. It uses algae to absorb the emitted gases and hold them inertly so that the boxes can be easily transported for… Read More ›

Our own desert places

I have succumbed to the July lurgy, so today: an invitation to join me in Stuff I Have Been Reading. Don’t miss the stuff below the cut. Jane Simpson is amazing. Aboriginal Poets We are tired of the benches, our… Read More ›