Wednesday Wow

I have mentioned on occasion that I like to trawl the Flickr image pool WOW! for interesting photos. The photo below, apart from being beautifully composed, spoke to me simply by evoking the great white cold so effectively. It’s not quite that cold here, but yesterday was Sydney’s coldest day in 20 years. It’s the first time in ages that I’ve found frost caked on the roof of my car parked out front.

boats, bergs and fog, Disko Bay, Jacobshavn Icefjord, Greenland
Image Credit: boats, bergs and fog, originally uploaded by Coastal Eddy.

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  1. Forgot to add – the Terrorgraph cleaves to its party line by using a headline which attempts to mock GW just because we’re having a colder than usual winter, even though colder winters in temperate zones are actually predicted in the global warming models. (It’s the annual average variations, not the seasonal variations, doofuses.)

  2. I wondered how long it would take for that to be trotted out. Beautiful pic, Tigtog just what I needed this morning, so soothing.

  3. Doesn’t even take an actual cold snap, Su. Cardinal Pell was scoffing about GW in early February because “January was unusually cool”. Juuuust before the summer heatwaves rolled in, just a bit late.

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