Day: 2007-08-08

Being assimilated

Our HAT Facebook group is now up and running, with 20 members so far! So, I wish to have a Sydney Femmobolsho Gathering towards the end of this month, if we can get enough people willing to down margaritas somewhere… Read More ›

The irrational electorate and economics

Ross Gittins today in the SMH, regarding the bewilderment of the Howard government’s economic-rationalism ideologues as to why we sheeple aren’t more happy about the wonderful economy: It’s not only the economy, stupid Gittins points out that growth in real… Read More ›

Pell draws lines

The great tradition of religious tolerance in Catholic parochial schools in New South Wales is under fire. Many thousands of children of all faiths have been educated in a system often chosen by parents due to a complex perception of… Read More ›