Day: 2007-08-10

Friday Hoyden: Nova Peris

A Friday Hoyden for you: sporting legend Nova Peris, also known as Nova Peris-Kneebone, also known by her current married name, Nova Batman. Nova Peris Kneebone was born in Darwin 1971, a member of a family who are traditional owners… Read More ›

One for the Albee aficionados

Those who don’t already know this trivia, anyway. Just listened to Edward Albee in a radio interview, and he said that when he originally sold the movie rights to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf to Hollywood, he asked who they… Read More ›

One whole day in committee

Andrew Bartlett notes that the Government has used its Senate majority to stifle thorough examination and debate of the legislation it’s proposing over indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and over water management in the Murray-Darling Basin: both bills were… Read More ›