Day: 2007-08-24

Friday Hoyden: Dagmar Berne

[image from National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame] As a teenager, Dagmar Berne, of Sydney, was sent by her widowed mother for a “good education” in a private school, Springfield Ladies’ College. The curriculum included such traditional “ladies’ accomplishments” as… Read More ›

Passive backlash.

Well, this “Girls Love Pink Cos They Pick Fruit, Fuck, and Have Babies!” study would be a prime example of Why We Need Blogs. I see a lot of whining about bloggers being mere parasites on the underbelly of the… Read More ›

Well done, Virgil

Chris Henning wrote a humorous piece last week speculating on Wikipedia edit wars between the staff of John Howard and Peter Costello. This week we find that parliamentary staff from the PM’s Department actually have been editing articles of interest… Read More ›