Day: 2007-08-27

Monday Magic

Today’s magic shot – dappled tree shadows during a solar eclipse. The tiny spaces between the leaves of a tree create a multiplicity of camera obscura images on the ground. This photos was taken by Nils van der Burg in… Read More ›


This picture has generated some talkback radio discussion today: Image Source: Daily Telegraph (photo by Bill Counsell) The picture was taken at Yamba. The sea foam extends 50m across the beach and into the sea from the Surf Lifesavers club… Read More ›

Predatory corporate capitalism

This is the phrase Robert Jensen (UT Austin) uses to describe our current economic system as not only unsustainable, but inhuman and undemocratic, in Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes. His goal is to outline to progressives how to discuss radical politics… Read More ›